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Toothpaste on Pimples? Think Twice About It

Toothpaste on Pimples? Think Twice About It

Putting toothpaste on pimples gets a lot of hype today as one of the best acne remedies…

But does it work?

In certain instances it does-but its’ NOT something you use to much. I understand why people want to use it–it’s free–and it’s something everyone has in their home.

But it’s extremely HARSH

But in many instances it causes ski irritation–and can sometimes make your acne WORSE. And remember-with all the brands out there it’s just impossible to say if your brand will work for not-because MOST do not.

If you do decide to use it, make sure to leave it on no more than 30 minutes before washing off. You should DEFINITELY not keep it on all night long like most recommend.


This is a harsh and often times ineffective remedy… and most brands use very unnatural ingredients. The bottom line-I would recommend you avoid putting toothpaste on pimples.

So how SHOULD you do to get rid of acne? Here are 3 ways to get rid of it in 3 days:

#1) Don’t eat at night

This just bogs down the system, and the body wastes all its’ energy digesting food-INSTEAD of eliminating toxins like it should have been doing. This is why many people wake up after eating a huge meal the night before to find a huge zit.

#2) Avoid dairy products

It’s becoming a more accepted fact-even in the medical world-that dairy can cause acne. You want to especially avoid milk-eggs and certain cheeses are acceptable in limited quantities. but if you eliminated it altogether you’d be none the worse for it.

The bottom line

Stay away from putting toothpaste on pimples-instead focus on these 2 tips and you should see results shortly.…

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Strategies for Managing Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be very debilitating. The pain from damage or impingement affecting a nerve may extend far beyond the site of the injury. Here are some things that you can consider trying to make your pain levels more tolerable.

Get Help From a Specialist

Doctors will often ask you to rate your pain on a scale from one to ten, but not every doctor is focused on reducing your pain. A surgeon may be focused on restoring function and a physiatrist may prioritize enhancing mobility. In contrast, a pain management specialist’s primary objective is helping you address pain. If you need help with pain management Jacksonville FL, reach out to a provider who can provide a range of treatment options.

Get an E-Stim Device

Many people with nerve pain that is caused by impingement have reported moderate relief from e-stim devices. These machines administer pulses of electrical current that interrupt the transmission of pain signals in your body’s neuroreceptors. Also, they can help to alleviate muscle spasms that are triggered or exacerbated by nerve pain.

Work With an Attentive Physical Therapy Provider

Not all physical therapy practices offer the same services or quality of care. You may find yourself working with a different person every time that you go, or the person who is treating you may be treating a lot of patients at the same time. Seek out a provider who is experienced in helping patients with your condition and symptoms. It’s generally preferable to meet with the same therapist consistently rather than working with a different person each time that you go to an appointment.

Ultimately, getting your average pain levels from an eight down to a six can make a world of difference. Incremental reductions in pain will make you better able to take on all of the things that you want or need to do.…

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Chemical Free Home – Toothpaste As a Household Cleaner

Chemical Free Home – Toothpaste As a Household Cleaner

Toothpaste is a versatile cleaning product beyond its application as a tooth cleaner. The mildly abrasive cleaning action makes toothpaste suitable for many household cleaning jobs.

Toothpastes are manufactured from various ingredients designed to gently remove stains and blemishes from the delicate enamel coating on teeth. This makes toothpaste ideal for cleaning things around the home. There are also some applications outside where toothpaste can be used to clean and shine.

In addition to toothpaste itself being a good cleaning product, an old toothbrush makes the perfect application tool. Don’t get your toothbrushes mixed up though.

Delicate China – Stains appear on delicate china over periods of use. Tea and coffee have tannins which leave unsightly brown stains in the cracks and decorative embellishments that attract stains over a period of time. Using a toothbrush, toothpaste can be applied to gently remove these stains from these cracks and decorative swirls on tea cups and similar items.

Enamel Stove Tops – Stains build up around the cooking area of stove tops and oven doors. This surface scratches easily so it is best to use a delicate cleaner like toothpaste. Again, a toothbrush makes an ideal application tool.

Mag wheel cleaner – I discovered this by accident one day when I grabbed what I thought was the Mag wheel cleaner from the bench and put in the car detailing box in the boot of my car. When I went to clean the wheels I was half way through the first wheel when I realised the smell of the cleaner was more like toothpaste. I rinsed off the portion of the wheel I had already done only to find the wheels sparkling more than they ever have. I was hooked on this new cleaner and have used it ever since.

Jewellery – An excellent cleaner for delicate and intricate jewellery. Toothpaste can be mixed with a little water or used in its thick state depending on the type of jewellery being cleaned. A toothbrush is again an ideal application tool.

Taps and Tap ware – Chrome or enamel taps can be cleaned with toothpaste. A toothbrush or a hand and nail cleaning brush can be used to scrub the toothpaste onto the taps and simply rinse off with water. If any toothpaste residue dries on the taps it can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

What else can you think of that could be cleaned with toothpaste? Try some different items around your home and see how it works. I would not recommend using on Glass (windows or mirrors), Timber, Fabric or similar items. Always test a small inconspicuous area before hitting the main area.

A� Eric J. Smith…

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Whitening Toothpastes – Do They Really Work?

Whitening Toothpastes – Do They Really Work?

A better smile is probably something important to you. You don’t want to scare anyone with yellowed teeth when you smile. After all, your smile is an important part of your appearance. Today there are a variety of ways that you can improve your smile by whitening your teeth. Many products are available to help you get a whiter smile, but one of the more common ones used happens to be whitening toothpaste.

Since all toothpastes have some mild abrasives in them, they all help to get rid of the stains on your teeth. However, special whitening toothpastes have special chemicals and agents for polishing that help to remove the stains even more effectively, giving you whiter teeth. However, you do need to realize that you can only get rid of the surface stains on your teeth with these toothpaste options.

Don’t expect to see results fast. It will take some time for the whitening toothpaste to work for you. Usually after several weeks you’ll begin to see results, but since there are no professional chemicals or any bleaches in these toothpastes, it won’t give you the same type of whitening results that other products can give, but they can help you to get rid of stains on your teeth.

Usually you can expect these whitening toothpastes to lighten your teeth about a shade. While it’s not as great as some of the  other products, it is fairly cheap and one great way that you can work on getting a more beautiful smile without make your wallet feel the pain. So, in tight economic times, this is a great option worth giving a try if you need basic teeth whitening done.…

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Tips for Oral Health

Doctors and researchers have found a strong correlation between oral health and overall well-being. Not only do your teeth, tongue, and gums help you eat, drink, and talk, but they also provide a gateway to the rest of your body. Therefore, it is key to keep your mouth healthy and clean by practicing good oral hygiene.
First, every time you eat, debris from your food can collect on your teeth to form a layer of scum called plaque. Plaque is thick with bacteria that can eat into your teeth to form cavities. To help prevent plaque build-up, dentists recommend that you brush your teeth with an American Dental Association-approved toothbrush and toothpaste at least twice a day. You should use circular motions, which researchers have found is the most effective way to remove plaque.
Next, you should also floss at least once per day. Only flossing can remove the deep, hard-to-reach plaque that becomes trapped between your teeth. In fact, dentists say that flossing is even more important than brushing because bacteria trapped in the inner recesses between your teeth can eat through your gums and into your bloodstream. This weakens your immune system and puts you at risk for other health problems such as heart disease.
Additionally, you can also take preventative steps to protect your teeth. Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride, a mineral that strengthens the enamel of your teeth. Your enamel is the outer layer of your teeth, so it is your first line of defense against cavities. You can also get a fluoride gel or mouth rinse to give you a higher dose of this treatment.
Lastly, regular checkups to the dentist and oral hygienist are important. They can help you clean deep, stubborn plaque deposits, as well as recognize and take care of cavities. A dentist can also show you proper brushing and flossing techniques to make the most of your oral hygiene efforts.
However, visits to the dentist can be expensive. Fortunately, health and dental insurance can help. To discuss the best health and dental insurance plans for your needs, contact a California insurance agent from Catherine Michaels Insurance Services today.…

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Nutrition College Teaches You About Healthy Food Choices

In today’s hurried life, many of our food choices are less than optimal. This is not only leading to the increase in the number of overweight and obese individuals it is also leaving a number of other people feeling sluggish and fighting health concerns like high cholesterol or abnormal blood sugars. Due to this rising concern in the general population, a career in nutrition will secure one with a long lasting marketable skill. There are a number of job options available to one who attends nutrition college. Dietitians and nutritionists only scratch the surface of the available options when one graduates with a degree in nutrition.
While food science programs focus on foods and their ingredients and how they affect our bodies, at nutrition college one will also study the effects of food and its chemical breakdown and how it affects our economy and culture. Individuals with degrees in nutrition can work closely with large companies studying how food breaks down, what causes it to spoil and ways to eliminate this creating longer shelf life for the company. Moreover, they can research ways to store foods or help market a certain product.
Because of the diverse employment options, nutrition schools will cover a wide scope of study revolving around food, its ingredients, nutrients and its biological structures. In addition, the student will engage in classes that better their communication skills both verbal and written. There are classes based around management, organizational skills, self-discipline and of course math to compute weights and measurements.
Once you decide that nutrition is the path for you, research your options carefully. Choosing the school and degree that is right for you is imperative. A reputable nutrition college will offer a variety of degrees related to nutrition.
Certificates are a great option for those that already hold another degree and are just looking for a way to specialize in particular area or the newcomer who is not completely sure that nutrition is for them. A certificate may be a great choice for the RN that wants to specialize in pediatric nutrition, for example.
However, if one decides this is the career for them, there are bachelor’s degrees as well as master’s programs to pursue opening a wide variety of options for one graduates with a degree in nutrition.…

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Best Whitening Toothpaste – What To Look For

Best Whitening Toothpaste – What To Look For

Why You Can’t Believe Everything You Read

It seems like a simple enough question: What is the best whitening toothpaste? This is actually a somewhat difficult question to frame because there are different answers depending on what one is looking for. The manufacturers and brand advertising will often mince words because in principle, any toothpaste helps brighten your teeth with normal use so any could claim to be the “best whitening toothpaste” simply by claiming to be the best paste in general, even if it has no special additional bleaching chemicals or properties. However, as the prospective customer, this is not what we are looking for.

Which Toothpaste Whitens Teeth The Best?

It should be clear that a toothpaste claiming to be the best, or even just a whitening toothpaste, may just be part of the advertising and nothing more. What customers would really like to know is, what is the best toothpaste to whiten teeth? To answer this question we must consider both the ‘whitening factor’ and the ‘toothpaste factor’. In short, this product must still be an excellent toothpaste in general. The primary purpose, as a toothpaste, is always to effectively clean the teeth, while the secondary purpose is to provide additional whitener features. Unfortunately there is no single winner for this grand title.

The reasons for this are as follows. First, there are two main categories of teeth whitening: stain removal and general (shade) whitening. Every toothpaste will help with both types of teeth whitening but some products are designed primarily for one or the other. When looking for your potential best whitening toothpaste, it is essential that you know what type of whitening you need. The second reason is that everyone’s body, lifestyle, and teeth are different. Consequently, the causes for teeth staining or darkening will be different, as will the solutions. Even the best brands have different strengths and ultimately it may come down to trying different products to find the one that works best for you. However, here are a number of consistently excellent contenders:

• Opalescence Plus

• Arm & Hammer Complete Care Extra Whitening

• Rembrandt Plus Peroxide

• Rembrandt Premium Extra Gentle

Finding The Best Whitening Toothpaste – What to Look For?

Here are several points to remember when looking for the best toothpaste to whiten your teeth:

• Know what type of whitening you need and what you want. E.g. stain removal, generally whiter shade, or maintaining your current shade from another whitening or bleaching treatment.

• Some people are sensitive to a number of the chemicals commonly used in whitening products (or even normal toothpastes). Knowing what ingredients you sensitive to will greatly simplify your search.

• Genuine teeth whitening toothpaste will list one or more ingredients that specifically help with whitening and/or stain removal. Some of these ingredients include: baking soda, calcium carbonate, silica, aluminum oxide, and peroxide.

• Remember the best whitening toothpaste is not just the one that makes your teeth the brightest. The ‘toothpaste factor’ is more important than the ‘whitening factor’. You must be looking for a product that you can use long-term to maintain healthy teeth without excessive irritation.

• Be patient. Even the strongest toothpaste is designed for long-term results so you may not notice any effects weeks or even months. If you want faster results then you will want to look into teeth whitening treatments that are stronger than toothpastes.

Remember that there is no universal best toothpaste. If one product works for someone you know but not for you then try a different product, don’t give up hope. However, if you are looking for a powerful tooth whitener solution, even the best whitening toothpaste is not the answer and you should consider stronger options such as strips (intermediate) or gel (most powerful).…