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The Scoop – What Causes Acne?

Acne is not your fault. It is not caused by the food you eat or how often you wash your face; it is caused by a complex combination of factors.
Genetic disposition to acne
There’s absolutely nothing you can do about your genetic makeup. If you are wondering if you’re genetically prone to develop acne, interview your blood relatives. If there is a family history of moderate-to-severe acne, you are at the greatest risk for having a genetic disposition for acne, with onset most often in the early teen years.
Your genetic makeup may make it is easier for the P. acnes bacteria to proliferate on your skin. Your body may be more inclined to produce a swelling response to the bacteria. You may produce more oil. Your pores may plug more easily. Your skin cells may turn over at a slower rate for your age. These contributing factors to acne are all determined by your genetic makeup. In addition, if both your parents have had significant acne, your risks for developing acne is also very high.
Acne and hormones
Hormones are another genetic factor affecting the development of acne. For women, hormones regulate changes throughout her lifetime. Fluctuations in estrogen levels (and androgen levels) can cause acne. As a result, many women experience outbreaks in conjunction with their menstrual cycles. The flood of hormones released by the body during and after pregnancy can also cause acne. And, just when you thought you were too old for acne, you find that the erratic estrogen levels during perimenopause and menopause can cause yet more acne, once again.
During puberty, everyone begins to produce androgenic hormones. One of the things these hormones do is cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge. The rate at which the body produces sebum, or oil, is affected by hormone levels. Too much oil stimulation, causing sticky oil and too little shedding of dead skin cells – and the next thing you know, your face is populated with a new acne outbreak. These hormones fluctuate during puberty, which is why almost all teens suffer from some form of acne.
Other factors that cause acne
One of the most important contributing factors to acne is stress. If I remember my years of puberty accurately, they were loaded with stress – some of it caused by the acne itself, an ironic catch-22. The reason for this is that stress hormones are released by the body to deal with stress, triggering increased oil production by the sebaceous glands. In addition, stress delays wound healing, so the breakouts last longer.
Environment is another factor in acne outbreaks. Pollution, exposure to oil or grease, dry air, and high humidity all have an effect on your skin and play a part in acne outbreaks. Put a teen in front of a fryer for a couple of hours after school every day and you can pretty much take bets on the next outbreak of acne.
A variety of over-the-counter and prescription medications may have side effects that affect your body’s chemistry, leading to changes in hormones that instigate acne. These include any drugs regulating or stimulating androgenic hormones (which is why athletes using corticosteroids, legal of otherwise, typically have a lot of acne), phenobarbital and some other anti-epileptic drugs.
If your mother keeps telling you to keep your hands off your face, she has a good reason – excessive rubbing or irritation to the skin can lead to acne. Holding the telephone too close to your face, sweating in a football or bicycle helmet, a backwards baseball cap with the strap pressing on your forehead – all these can lead to acne outbreaks. If you hold a cell phone to one side of your face, you may notice you break out more on that side. Even the strap of a purse can cause an outbreak on your shoulder.
If you are having problems with acne, use cosmetics, sunscreens and moisturizers that are noncomedogenic. This means they have been specifically formulated so they don’t contain ingredients known to cause acne. Otherwise, they may irritate your skin and clog your pores.
With careful attention to the causes of acne that you CAN control, you can reduce the problems caused by the factors you CANNOT control.…

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How To Choose a Facility for Your Parent: Tips and Advice

When you are beginning the process of looking for a senior care facility, it can be overwhelming. There are so many facilities out there to choose from, how do you decide on just one? When you are visiting each place, some will definitely stand out more than others. And you may have certain preferences that need to be met in order for you to trust the facility. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right place for your parent.

1: Location

Is the assisted living facility close to home? Or does it take up an entire day to go see your parent? You want to choose a place that is close enough for you to visit often, and not one that takes up your entire day just to see them. Your parent should also be able to get out of the facility and take walks or go shopping with you if they want to. If it’s too far away, they may feel cooped up and trapped inside all day long. If they are unable to drive, it may be difficult for you to transport them back and forth. Also, if your parent lives too far away, taking care of them will take a toll on your family. It is important for your entire family to be able to visit the facility, not just you!

2: Atmosphere

When you first walk into a facility, does it feel friendly and welcoming? Or does it give off a cold feeling because the staff seems unfriendly? The atmosphere is important to keep your loved one happy. If they are taken care of by people who actually enjoy their work, then the chances of them being happier in that environment are greater. If they are surrounded by people who don’t care about them, then chances are that they will feel depressed.

3: The Staff

A big factor in whether or not your loved one will be happy at a facility is the staff. You want to choose a place where they are treated with respect and kindness by the staff. The staff should care about them, look out for their well-being, and encourage them to do activities that they enjoy. If your parent’s needs are taken care of, they will feel safe and confident. It’s also important the staff believes in going above and beyond for your parent. This way, they know that there’s always someone looking out for them!

4: Activities

It is a big plus if a facility offers a lot of activities to keep your loved one entertained. Your parent will be happier in a place with an active community because they will always feel like they’re doing something productive. Often, it’s sad to see seniors sitting around, not doing anything all day long, especially when they would like to. It can also become very boring if there aren’t many activities offered for them throughout the week. If your parent likes to socialize and enjoys being around people, they will feel more fulfilled in a place with plenty of activities throughout the week.

5: Amenities

When it comes to amenities, some are basic while others are not. You definitely want your parent to have access to basic amenities like meals, housekeeping, and transportation services. Other amenities that you may want for them include an exercise center, medical care, and even an on-site salon. Especially if your parent loves to get their nails done or join in exercise classes, you want to make sure they have access to these amenities. It will make them feel more like home, plus they can take advantage of these activities with other senior citizens, too.…

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Toothpaste on Pimples – Effective or Just a Myth?

Toothpaste on Pimples – Effective or Just a Myth?

For just about every affliction known to man there are myths that circulate concerning their possible remedies. The best way to get rid of a pimple is not exempt. Your grandma may have said something like “put some butter on it.” Now I don’t think you would ever do that, but there are some rumors we may want to look a little deeper into. Toothpaste on pimples is one of these.

Have you wondered does putting toothpaste on pimples help get rid of them? The best way to tell is to look at the ingredients in toothpaste. This way we can figure out if it is safe to put toothpaste on your skin.

Fluoride: This is a usual ingredient in most toothpaste. In 1976 a dermatologist reported a rise in the cases of acne around the mouths of many of his patients. He believed the fluoride in the toothpaste they were using was causing this increase. Even though I do not see any data specifically backing up his claim, I do know fluoride has been classified as a skin irritant. Using toothpaste without fluoride, or at least a low concentration of fluoride is your best bet. It has also been found that toothpaste on pimples is more effective as a paste, rather than a gel.

Baking Soda: This has become a common ingredient in toothpaste today. Baking soda is a great at exfoliating the skin, making it excellent in the fight against acne.

Mint: Mint is often used in skin care products as it is good for the skin and is known to be effective against acne.

Antibacterial Agents: A lot of the toothpaste on the market today has antibacterial properties. Most acne has the bacteria known as Proprionibacterium Acnes growing in it. Since the main antibacterial agent used in this type of toothpaste is Triclosan, which is known to fight this bacteria, this type of toothpaste can be helpful when putting toothpaste on pimples.

According to all the information above, I would say toothpaste on pimples is helpful to fight acne. There are a few things to keep in mind though when using toothpaste on your skin. First, the toothpaste has other ingredients which may not be good for the skin, so apply the toothpaste only to the pimple. Secondly, the toothpaste can be very drying to the skin so make sure to also use a non pore clogging moisturizer on your face.…

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What Is Cosmetic Dental Insurance?

If you have already signed a plan with a provider, read the information provided to you with regards to dental services covered. If you are aiming to have your teeth bleached or whitened, have porcelain crowns or tooth bonding, more often than not, this will not be covered by your insurance. If these are the reasons why you are securing a plan, then maybe it is proper that you get a cosmetic dental insurance instead.
This is the type of insurance that focuses on dental services that are more for beautification rather than health related. This is usually more expensive than the regular dental job because of the amount of work needed and the specialization of the doctor who will be rendering the service. This is the same reason why it is a good choice to opt in getting insurance that is particularly for this purpose. That is to make sure that you will be able to get the services needed done without resorting to applying for a loan to get the money.
Although it is not always necessary to have a this type of dental job done, a person in a way or another would still dream of getting such services especially if the problem does not only affect their physical appearance but also their social life. Admit it or not, having good set of teeth can somehow improve our appearance as well as our confidence to face people.
A lot of companies are offering dental cosmetic related plan. Check for various resources to be able to make the right decision for your need and budget.…

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Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Works

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Works

A few years back only dentists could whiten your was done by calling you for one or more sittings with a long process of applying the teeth whitening gel on your teeth. You would have to give a lot of time and money for the purpose, but now the case is not the same with the outburst of various teeth whitening toothpaste in the market. Teeth whitening products are now accessible and affordable for anyone. Whitening toothpastes actually work and shows results that are positive and give you whitening improvement up to 1.5 shades in a month’s use.

You must be practical and need to maintain the whiteness of your teeth once you achieve them. You must avoid drinking coffee, soda, red wine, or smoking for these are factors that affect the color of your teeth. The whitening effect of the product also depends upon the type of your teeth, and the basic and natural color of your teeth.

Teeth whitening toothpaste will definitely help you whiten your teeth, but you need to follow the instructions of the product. There are some medicines that discolors the teeth in prolong use. If this is the case you can use the whitening toothpaste after the medication is complete. Go through the instructions and see if there is any restriction for using the toothpaste, or consult your dentist. Also beware that fluoride, which is in drinking water in some cities, can effect the color of your teeth.

There are lots of factors that discolor teeth, and one of them is ageing. As your age increases, the color of the teeth darken, and the color of the gum deepen. However, the whitening toothpaste will bring some improvement depending upon your type of teeth and your habits. While using a teeth whitening toothpaste be conscious of sensitive teeth or irritation in your gums and enamel. Discontinue the use of the toothpaste for some time if this occurs.…

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Does Whitening Toothpaste Really Get Results?

Does Whitening Toothpaste Really Get Results?

For a lot of people, whitening toothpaste looks like an odd idea. After all, you previously brush your teeth, right? What is so different about whitening toothpaste? Moreover, does this type of toothpaste provide the other benefits that you have come to expect from your former toothpaste?

Firstly, don’t be worried, as a tooth paste having whitening properties seriously isn’t quite different from the toothpaste that you already use. It will still perform as you expect it to. As with something similar to tartar control tooth paste, the brightening attribute is definitely an extra and doesn’t substitute whatever you expect your toothpaste to do- to keep your own teeth thoroughly clean, healthy and clear of difficulties such as gum sickness.

Whitening toothpaste does its job by utilizing mild abrasives that assist to gently eliminate unsightly stains with daily use. In addition, your teeth are bleached slightly by ingredients like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are not unhealthy. While this type of toothpaste is not as powerful as whitening strips or kits, they are ideal for folks who don’t need fast or spectacular outcomes straight away. They’re also a great supplement to a bleaching program.

So as you can see, teeth whitening toothpaste is not a gimmick. It’s also not an instant alternative or a cure-all, but it may be a great method to whiten your teeth over time. When you go into it not looking for instant results, but instead step-by-step advancements over time, you will be pleased. This runs specifically true if you can appreciate the low price of this kind of toothpaste, which is usually not more expensive than the ordinary tooth paste that you usually use.…

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Natural Healthy Skin Care – How to Take Care of Your Skin Naturally

Taking care of your skin is the most important part of any beauty routine, but we often don’t do it. We just tend to wash our face with whatever soap is handy. We normally don’t use sunscreen as often as we should and then we notice our skin is getting darker. We may try to use products that have harsh ingredients in them in an attempt to eliminate dark and problem areas. Some of these products can actually make your skin worse. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, you can try doing things that will help you maintain a natural healthy skin care routine.
The first thing that you should do is protect your skin from the sun at all times. This means not only using sunscreen but using a hat and light scarf or umbrella when you are in direct sunlight for long periods of time. You may think that this sounds extreme, but if you do not protect your skin from the sun, you will have patches of dark pigmentation on your face and other areas in a few years. If you already have dark areas or dark freckles on your body and face, you should be diligent about avoiding any other sun exposure. If you are trying to establish some natural healthy skin care habits, try leaving post-it notes in your car to remind you that you need to use sunscreen.
You can find some inexpensive natural healthy skin care products at your drugstore or local discount retail store. You should look at the label on the products to make sure that the ingredients are natural. You may find a cheap bar of natural soap at a drugstore that can help you get started on a way to having naturally beautiful skin. If you are looking for cosmetics that contain natural ingredients, you can try looking for them online before you go to a store. Many companies are starting to offer powders and foundations that are made from natural ingredients.
You want to avoid any products that contain ingredients that may irritate your skin and make it more sensitive to the sun. Using natural healthy skin care products can help you look your best without causing your skin to have a bad reaction. If you are looking for a natural cosmetic, you will want to use a powder that is made from mineral powder. Mineral powder is a natural ingredient that will adhere to your skin and provide a long-lasting smooth look. Some skin care products contain vitamins and anti-oxidants to help your skin maintain a healthy appearance.…