Fun Facts About Toothpaste

Fun Facts About Toothpaste

A lot of people care less to know about what other ingredients there are in toothpaste gel beside fluoride. Beyond advertising, there’s a lot more to that crystalline gel than meets the eye. And the different varieties of toothpaste make it all the more harder for a regular consumer to pick the best one for their needs. Over the years, toothpaste has evolved from a dull, white, pasty substance to a more appealing gimmicky gel-endorsed by small children, medical professionals and the undying snowboarder-to lure people to brush their teeth more often.

Toothpaste does the job of helping the toothbrush scrape off the films of bacterial plaque that have latched on to our teeth. Typical toothpaste’s main agents or “active ingredients”are fluoride, triclosan, baking soda, and xylitol. The combined forces of these five main ingredients give our teeth a deep clean, a white luster and a fresh feel after thorough brushing. And over the years, more and more ingredients have been added to the usual toothpaste formula, like allantoin, ginseng and seaweed extracts, and a variety of herbal oils. These ingredients do serve a practical purpose, as they help strengthen both the tooth enamel and the gums.

There is no doubt fluoride helps strengthen our teeth and eliminate bacteria-producing acids. But high amounts of fluoride can detriment the teeth. Too much fluoride intake, especially on children below 12 years old, can cause enamel fluorosis, a condition that is marked by discoloration on the teeth. Although too much fluoride may have its cons, the benefits overweigh the threats. Only few cases of fluorosis have been recorded and fortunately, they have only been mild ones. The fluoridation of the water supply in the United States has brought about critical reviews on whether or not America needs it. And to our surprise, the children do need it because cases of cavities and tartar on children below 10 years old have significantly decreased in the last decade.

Going back to the topic on toothpastes, did you know that toothpastes are actually abrasive substances? Abrasive means intended for scraping, so it’s actually pure cleaning material that you’re brushing your teeth with and not just some overhyped gel.

Toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors. The once dull taste of toothpaste has evolved into something more of a treat to both young and old people. The standard flavoring of toothpaste is spearmint, peppermint or just plain mint. There have also been other flavors that are intended for smaller children and people who cannot bear the taste of mint: bubble gum, cinnamon, tangerine, orange flavors; not to mention whisky and kinky flavors. Toothpaste still serves and continues to improve in its purpose of cleaning the teeth, despite all these years of modifications in the flavor. The stronger flavor actually makes up for the stronger active ingredients present in the gel.

There have been “natural toothpaste” varieties being sold in the market since the past decade or so, and a majority of these natural toothpastes abandon the use of fluoride and stuck with (obviously) all-natural ingredients like the extracts, mints, cleansing agents and the oils that were previously mentioned.

So if you’re looking for a change of taste in toothpaste, we say go for it. As long as the flavor you’re switching to is packed with all the active ingredients toothpaste should contain, your teeth are in safe hands.…

Acne Near the Mouth

Acne Near the Mouth

Those who have suffered from acne for quite some time know how frustrating it is to constantly have to deal with breakouts in the same area. The excitement of a cured blemish is shattered as you feel an upcoming lesion in the same area. It’s not always easy to pinpoint the source of eruptions in certain areas. In some cases, hormones are to blame. Women, for instance, often experience chin acne during their menstrual cycle. However, there are recurring bouts of acne that seem to occur without explanation. One of these perplexing breakouts occurs around the mouth. Touching the area with dirty hands often appears to be the first culprit. Even foods are suspected of causing these pimples.

When all these factors are ruled out, people find themselves stuck in a constant cycle of torture. The one culprit that often escapes unnoticed is toothpaste. We use toothpaste in such routine activities that it seems highly unlikely that it could be to blame. However, scientific studies have backed the fact that the flouride and sodium lauryl sulfate contained in toothpaste can cause skin irritation, and eventually breakouts.

The first offender, fluoride, is used to strengthen tooth enamel in order to prevent cavities. It causes an acne-like eruption known as perioral dermatitis. While some sufferers respond to conventional acne treatments, most find relief when they completely eliminate fluoride from their routine. The risks involved in doing so are debatable and best discussed with your oral care provider.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the next offender. You will find this additive in soaps and other products, but in the case of toothpaste, it is intended to create a foam when combined with water. Testing has indicated that skin and eye irritation may occur from prolonged exposure to this chemical. If SLS is causing your acne problems, an SLS-free toothpaste may be your key to clear skin.…

How to Get Skinny In No Time

In our society today, the skinny ones are the beautiful ones. This is the truth we have to accept. Young girls everywhere consider skinny models as their idols and they want to imitate everything about them including their super skinny figure.
There are hundreds of fad diets out there promising that you will lose 10-20 pounds per week and yes, it is true but the program they will be providing you will not supplement you the necessary nutrients you need in order for your body to work. Read on below for a healthier diet plan that will surely make you slimmer and healthier at the same time.
Eating a healthy diet is one way to go about this. If you think that not eating will make you thinner, then you’re wrong. If the body can’t breakdown any food to be used as energy it will conserve the remaining fat inside the body making it more difficult to burn. 5-6 small, frequent meals are suggested rather than eating 3 large meals a day. Metabolism plays a vital role in losing weight and eating small meals every 2-3 hours keeps your metabolism going.
You need to detoxify your body once in a while. Improper digestion caused by stress can really increase levels of fat in the body. When this happens, toxins accumulate in the body as well. You don’t have to do super strict when it comes to detoxifying but it is suggested that you do this every three months. Mixing ginger juice, lemon juice and grapefruit juice is one recipe that’ll help cleanse your liver. Consuming this 3 times a day would surely clean your body in no time.
Another effective method to losing weight is exercise. It will be very hard for you to lose weight if you rely on diet alone. Sweating is the key to losing weight. Once you get that heart rate up, then you are on your way to being skinny. If the gym is too boring for you try doing sports that you love. You can also enroll at aerobic exercise like Yoga and Pilates.
These are just three important ways on how to become skinny in no time. This is something that won’t happen overnight so you have to have discipline and you should stick through your program until the end. Remember though that being too skinny is also not good. You should consult your doctor regarding the ideal weight for you.…

An OraMD Review – Things You Need to Know Before Buying OraMD

An OraMD Review – Things You Need to Know Before Buying OraMD

Oral health is the window to our overall health. Expert says that the health status of our mouth says a lot about how healthy we are as a person. Hence there is a need for us to make sure that we keep our mouths healthy to live a long and healthy life. That is where OraMD comes in. An all natural product whose sole purpose is to keep our mouth clean and keep gum diseases at bay. The purpose of this article is to provide a review of the said product based from my own personal experience.

Let me tell you my story as an OraMD user.

I suffered from bad breath. I had ugly yellow teeth. And worst of all, people avoided me for the mere fact that my mouth stunk. Friends of course had no choice but to talk to me when I approached them but they were polite enough to cover their noses in a non-obvious way. Others simply walked past me as if they did not know or see me. It was an all-time low for me.

Of course, I did not want to stay that way. I did my research and tried different dental solutions. I changed my toothpaste and followed what was popular at that time which claimed to treat my problem. Others gave me advice but all of those failed miserably.

Then there was the internet. I searched for information and products online which would help me with my mouth problems. I searched for treatments for bad breath, solutions for bleeding gums, etc…

Apparently that was a good move. After hours of searching, I discovered OraMD. Though their website was simple, for me they provided good information which convinced me to try their product. I bought a bottle of OraMD and that was the first step to achieving good oral health.

After a week or so of using OraMD, I noticed improvements in my oral health. Here is how it helped me:

OraMD eliminated my bad breath. From a stinking mouth to having cool fresh breath. Truly amazing.

OraMD stopped my gums from bleeding. According to dentists, bleeding gums was a symptom of impending periodontal disease and in my case OraMD helped stop and reverse this.

OraMD improved my social life! People no longer avoided me since I no longer had bad breath. This was certainly a boost to my self-confidence and I thank OraMD a lot for that.

I really couldn’t believe the incredible effect OraMD had on my mouth. So what I did was search the internet for reviews on the product and majority all said the same thing. OraMD simply works!

Hence, if you are still having double thoughts on buying, just ward them off and try out OraMD. The product has been on the market for several years now and that says something about its legitimacy. Just try it as you have nothing lose but only good oral health to gain.…

When To Use Fluoride Toothpaste For Kids

When To Use Fluoride Toothpaste For Kids

Using fluoride toothpaste can be a way for you to make sure that your teeth are reaping the benefits of this dental-friendly mineral. Looking after teeth isn’t just about brushing. Teeth should be brushed for a couple of minutes, twice each day (in the morning and very last thing in the evening).

All the surfaces of your teeth should be brushed as well as the top of the tongue. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste will help achieve good dental health preventing teeth cavities. Research indicates that it can reduce plaque, remove tarter and cleanse and protect your teeth.

Are all These Toothpastes the same.

However, don’t assume all fluoride toothpastes have the same ingredients and they can vary by the level of protection that they can provide. Healthy teeth and gums are crucial to people with diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to develop gum disease, and if their blood sugar levels are high, their gum troubles are probably going to be worse.

The kinds of food we eat may affect acid levels in our mouths and cause decay. The more frequently your child eats sweet food and drinks – such as lollies, cakes and biscuits, juices and fizzy drinks – the more likely they are to produce holes with their teeth. Don’t wait for teeth problems; take your children for regular check-ups.

Having healthy gums and teeth or correctly fitted dentures is very important for overall health and a feeling of wellbeing. Our teeth are on show to others when we smile, as well as for a lot of us it’s important for confidence and self esteem to feel that our teeth look acceptable.

Even though teeth are protected by a hard layer of enamel, they could become worn-out from improper tooth brushing. Decay in the baby teeth can become painful and will then affect your child’s eating and development. Ideally, all children need to have their first dental visit by the time they are a year old. Toothpaste with fluoride is used to help with good dental hygiene.

Where does your Fluoride Toothpaste come from

Exactly how do you get your fluoride? Ask your dentist the next time you’ve got an appointment. In addition, they might recommend a mouthwash that has fluoride in it. The information suggests that children in areas where water is fluoridated have lower degrees of tooth decay and that increased use of this toothpaste has improved child oral health over time..

Parents should start brushing their infant’s teeth once the first tooth emerges from the gums. And should you prefer a breath-freshening boost, you could find gel toothpastes with fluoride, too.…

Why Organic Products Are Better for Your Skin

Why Organic Products Are Better for Your Skin

The word organic gets thrown around a lot, but do you know what it means and why it gets such a good name? The word organic pertains to products that are pure. Skin-care products that are labeled organic contain ingredients that come from minerals, plants and other natural sources that are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. The resulting product is also free of chemicals and pesticides, making it safer for your skin. Here are just some of the many reasons why organic beauty products are better for your skin.

Skin absorbs everything. Skin contains millions of pores that are made to absorb things. Imagine what your skin is taking in when you slather on lotions, soaps and other products that contain unnatural chemicals. Those chemicals will eventually end up inside your body and continue to build up. While it is not known at what levels the chemicals can become toxic, why would you want to knowingly put harmful chemicals in your body? On the other hand, organic goods such as tea tree shampoo and neem toothpaste are manufactured without the use of dangerous additives and chemicals.

Organic works better. When you use organic items, you are getting nothing but the best ingredients. Think of the beauty products as though they were food. Compare food items that contain fake substitutes or ingredients, with food that uses real, top-quality ingredients. Real food will always taste better. Beauty products are no different. Organic products work better because they have better ingredients. In addition, organic products often use the raw form of their ingredients, making the resulting product stronger and more potent, and therefore, better for your skin.

It is better for the environment. Organic material is free from fertilizers and synthetic chemicals, which are often used in farming. These fertilizers and chemicals get into the soil, water and also the plants. Therefore, organic products are not only better for you, they are better for the environment. For example, using a natural neem toothpaste made from organic neem will be good for your body because no harmful chemicals are getting into your mouth, and it also good for the environment because no pesticides or fertilizers were used to grow the neem tree.

Many products today are labeled organic, and more and more companies are coming out with natural and organic products. The reason for this is because organic products are just better. They are safer for your body and skin, they work better and they are better for the environment.…

An In-Depth Look at Natural Toothpaste

An In-Depth Look at Natural Toothpaste

Since regular toothpaste is so easy to find, you may wonder why anyone would be concerned enough to seek out a natural alternative. Well, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to try natural toothpaste, and most of them have more to do with what’s in your regular toothpaste than what’s in the natural variety.

Regular toothpaste is filled with ingredients that can be harmful to us, especially in large doses. These include:

Fluoride – while fluoride can fight cavities, it can also cause a lot of problems. Fluoride, you see, is toxic in high doses, and can cause mottled teeth if you’re overexposed. It has even been linked to learning disabilities in high doses. Most of us have fluoride in our water supply, which is more than enough, even for the average child. Adults certainly have no reason to have fluoride in their toothpaste. Did you know that one common way of making fluoride is by filtering airborne industrial waste given off by fertilizer producers?

SLS – Sodium Laurel Sulfate is used in regular toothpaste to make it foam. It’s a detergent; you’ll also find it in most shampoos. It is a skin irritant for many people and can cause canker sores in those already prone to them.

Saccharin -Saccharin is used to sweeten many toothpastes and mouthwashes. It has been shown to cause kidney cancer in lab rats and is rarely used as a sweetener in foods today because of this.

Natural toothpastes use ingredients like mint and other herbs, which are natural breath fresheners. These natural toothpastes are not made to function like soap for the teeth, the way regular toothpastes do. You see, most of the cleaning of your teeth comes from the physical act of brushing, anyway. You can brush with water and get most of the food and debris off your teeth. Toothpaste should kill the germs that cause gingivitis and bad breath. Mint is one of the best germ killers for the mouth and is found in all natural toothpastes.…