How To Choose a Facility for Your Parent: Tips and Advice

When you are beginning the process of looking for a senior care facility, it can be overwhelming. There are so many facilities out there to choose from, how do you decide on just one? When you are visiting each place, some will definitely stand out more than others. And you may have certain preferences that need to be met in order for you to trust the facility. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right place for your parent.

1: Location

Is the assisted living facility close to home? Or does it take up an entire day to go see your parent? You want to choose a place that is close enough for you to visit often, and not one that takes up your entire day just to see them. Your parent should also be able to get out of the facility and take walks or go shopping with you if they want to. If it’s too far away, they may feel cooped up and trapped inside all day long. If they are unable to drive, it may be difficult for you to transport them back and forth. Also, if your parent lives too far away, taking care of them will take a toll on your family. It is important for your entire family to be able to visit the facility, not just you!

2: Atmosphere

When you first walk into a facility, does it feel friendly and welcoming? Or does it give off a cold feeling because the staff seems unfriendly? The atmosphere is important to keep your loved one happy. If they are taken care of by people who actually enjoy their work, then the chances of them being happier in that environment are greater. If they are surrounded by people who don’t care about them, then chances are that they will feel depressed.

3: The Staff

A big factor in whether or not your loved one will be happy at a facility is the staff. You want to choose a place where they are treated with respect and kindness by the staff. The staff should care about them, look out for their well-being, and encourage them to do activities that they enjoy. If your parent’s needs are taken care of, they will feel safe and confident. It’s also important the staff believes in going above and beyond for your parent. This way, they know that there’s always someone looking out for them!

4: Activities

It is a big plus if a facility offers a lot of activities to keep your loved one entertained. Your parent will be happier in a place with an active community because they will always feel like they’re doing something productive. Often, it’s sad to see seniors sitting around, not doing anything all day long, especially when they would like to. It can also become very boring if there aren’t many activities offered for them throughout the week. If your parent likes to socialize and enjoys being around people, they will feel more fulfilled in a place with plenty of activities throughout the week.

5: Amenities

When it comes to amenities, some are basic while others are not. You definitely want your parent to have access to basic amenities like meals, housekeeping, and transportation services. Other amenities that you may want for them include an exercise center, medical care, and even an on-site salon. Especially if your parent loves to get their nails done or join in exercise classes, you want to make sure they have access to these amenities. It will make them feel more like home, plus they can take advantage of these activities with other senior citizens, too.