How to Help Your Children Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Closeup of dentist tools and mouth open with beautiful teeth

Encouraging your children to practice good oral hygiene is important no matter how old they are. It can be a challenge though because many children don’t enjoy brushing, or sometimes forget. These suggestions can get your kids on the right path and set them up for success when it comes to maintaining good oral health. 

Set a Goal of Twice a Day

Encourage your children to brush twice a day. Once in the morning after eating, and again just before bed. These are easy times for your children to remember, and they can easily be integrated into a routine, and helps build structure for the rest of the day. 

Change Their Toothbrush Often

Children have a tendency to bite down hard on their toothbrushes, even without realizing it. This can make the toothbrush wear very quickly, requiring you to get them a new one. Although you might change your toothbrush every three months or so, it is helpful to swap out brushes for your kids sooner. That way, you can feel confident that their toothbrush is still doing a proper job of cleaning their teeth, and you are doing everything possible to prevent cavities.

Make Time to See a Dentist Who Specializes in Pediatric Care 

It’s important to have your child visit the dentist once their teeth start coming in. Many parents take their child when they are a year old. If you are not sure where to go for very young children, look for a kids dentist specialist Los Angeles CA to get the help they need to take care of their teeth. 

Good dental habits start while children are young. Set a goal of brushing twice a day, and help your kids change their toothbrush when it looks worn. Go to a pediatric dentist and let them help you with your child’s oral health, so they can feel their best.