Is Hemp Oil Good for Post-Workout Recovery?

Pain is one of the ways the body communicates with the brain when it is experiencing some discomfort, or when any part cannot operate as it should. The brain, in turn, processes the extent of the discomfort and offers a solution.

Over the years, there has been so many discoveries on how to alleviate pain, and one such treatments is by the use of Hemp oil. Although there are not many scientific facts to back up this claim, many people claim that it is, in fact, one of the best remedies for pain and according to experts, Hemp oil can cure the symptoms of so many illnesses. In fact, it can even help with arthritis.

After a workout, people use Cannabis to help reduce the pain threshold and reduce the time for recovery. I have also used Hemp oil for this purpose, and it has worked for me, although, just like I stated, there is no scientific proof to this claim.

Hemp oil is extracted from the Hemp plant and seeds and contains abundant amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD)- a compound that helps treat pain and related injuries. Hemp oil is typically used in place of painkillers for the treatment of body pain, and sometimes people use both CBD and painkillers for optimal results.

A major difference between Hemp oil and Cannabis is that unlike Cannabis, you cannot get high from using Hemp oil. This is because of the absence of psychoactive THC, which Cannabis contains in varying concentrations. Here are some additional facts about THC. Many people do not know this fact, that’s why they have the misconception that both of them have the same intoxicating effect.

Because of the absence of psychoactive THC, most people use Hemp Oil as an ointment which they rub on their skin. This is because Hemp oil works perfectly as a muscle relaxant. It is ideally used after high-intensity workouts. When used for this purpose, Hemp oil straightens the muscles, reduces the pain, and fastens the muscle recovery process.

When I initially heard about this, I had my doubts. But after I tried it on my skin after a strenuous workout, it was beneficial.

You need to apply Hemp oil regularly to get its full effect. However, you still need to check in with medical personnel and find out what is the right dosage for you to apply on your skin. You can start with low amounts of oil and begin to increase it overtime. If you do this and you don’t observe any changes, consult your doctor.