Strategies for Managing Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be very debilitating. The pain from damage or impingement affecting a nerve may extend far beyond the site of the injury. Here are some things that you can consider trying to make your pain levels more tolerable.

Get Help From a Specialist

Doctors will often ask you to rate your pain on a scale from one to ten, but not every doctor is focused on reducing your pain. A surgeon may be focused on restoring function and a physiatrist may prioritize enhancing mobility. In contrast, a pain management specialist’s primary objective is helping you address pain. If you need help with pain management Jacksonville FL, reach out to a provider who can provide a range of treatment options.

Get an E-Stim Device

Many people with nerve pain that is caused by impingement have reported moderate relief from e-stim devices. These machines administer pulses of electrical current that interrupt the transmission of pain signals in your body’s neuroreceptors. Also, they can help to alleviate muscle spasms that are triggered or exacerbated by nerve pain.

Work With an Attentive Physical Therapy Provider

Not all physical therapy practices offer the same services or quality of care. You may find yourself working with a different person every time that you go, or the person who is treating you may be treating a lot of patients at the same time. Seek out a provider who is experienced in helping patients with your condition and symptoms. It’s generally preferable to meet with the same therapist consistently rather than working with a different person each time that you go to an appointment.

Ultimately, getting your average pain levels from an eight down to a six can make a world of difference. Incremental reductions in pain will make you better able to take on all of the things that you want or need to do.