Banish the Freeze Strategies for Cold Finger Relief

  1. Combat Cold Fingers: Effective Tips for Warmth
  2. Warm Up: Essential Strategies for Cold Fingers
  3. Beat the Chill: Tips to Keep Fingers Warm
  4. Chilly Fingers? Try These Warming Tips
  5. Cozy Up: Expert Advice for Cold Fingers
  6. Banish Cold Hands: Proven Warming Strategies
  7. Toasty Tips: How to Warm Cold Fingers
  8. Defrost Your Fingers: Essential Cold Weather Tips
  9. Winter Woes: Strategies for Cold Finger Relief
  10. Frosty Fingers? Warm Them Up with These Tips
  11. Heating Hacks: Tips to Combat Cold Fingers
  12. Warmth Solutions: Expert Advice for Chilly Fingers
  13. Thaw Out: Effective Tips for Cold Fingers
  14. Keep Warm: Essential Strategies for Cold Hands
  15. Say Goodbye to Cold Fingers with These Tips
  16. Heat Up: Proven Methods for Warming Cold Fingers
  17. Winter Warmth: Tips for Cold Finger Comfort
  18. Cozy Solutions: Expert Advice for Chilled Fingers
  19. Warm Hands, Warm Heart: Tips for Cold Fingers
  20. Defrost Your Digits: Essential Warming Tips
  21. Banish the Freeze: Strategies for Cold Finger Relief
  22. Stay Toasty: Proven Tips for Cold Finger Comfort
  23. Warming Wisdom: Expert Advice for Cold Fingers
  24. Beat the Freeze: Essential Tips for Cold Fingers
  25. Heat Therapy: Strategies for Warming Cold Fingers
  26. Say Hello to Warmth: Tips for Cold Finger Relief
  27. Cozy Comfort: Expert Strategies for Cold Fingers
  28. Winter Warm-Up: Effective Tips for Cold Fingers
  29. Toasty Tactics: How to Keep Fingers Warm
  30. Defend Against the Cold: Essential Finger Warming Tips

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Comfort Eating And Why We Do It

The average woman has tried to lose weight at least 5 times in her life, usually with a different diet each time, and obviously without success. Either the diet didn’t work, or it did work but was too hard to stick to and so abandoned. Whatever the reason the end result is the regaining of any lost weight, often with a little extra, and probably a feeling of failure, hopelessness, and resignation to never having the body they desire.
But why is this?
Well as I said, in many cases the diet is just too hard to stick too, whether it’s because the food it permits you to eat are so restrictive you get bored with it, or because it’s just plain weird and drains you of emotional and physical energy.
But I have something to ask you…
Why are you overweight?
Your answer will probably be because you eat too much, or because you eat too much junk.
So my next, and more revealing question, is…
Why do you eat too much?
Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever asked yourself why you eat what you eat?
“I eat because I’m hungry,” you’re probably now thinking. Or maybe you’re even saying it out loud because it was such a stupid question. But I’m willing to bet that you often eat when you’re not hungry. I’m willing to bet that food isn’t just something you eat to provide your body with fuel, because if that was the case you wouldn’t be overweight.
Like many, if not most people, your relationship with food has as much to do with providing positive emotions and limiting negative ones as it does with fuelling your body.
If not more.
For example, when you eat, do you always (or ever) choose the healthiest meal that will provide you with the most nutrients and give your body exactly what it needs to function at its best? Or do you go for what sounds (in other words, tastes) nicest, with little or no consideration for what it will do for your body besides maybe a passing thought as to how many calories are in it?
If you’re overweight, chances are you don’t choose the healthiest option, you go for what tastes the best. And generally, the food that tastes the best is the food that contains the most fat, sugar, or salt. Or all three. Which is why most pre-prepared food is full of them and why it’s so bad for you.
You might already know all this, but I’m feeling lucky today so I’m willing to bet again, this time that your favourite food is something that’s full of fat, sugar, salt, or all three.
Why is this? You know it’s bad for you and contributing to, if not solely responsible for, you being overweight. So why do you do it?
Well for hundreds of thousands of years up until very recently, fat, sugar, and salt were hard to come by. This is no longer the case, but because it has only happened to a small percentage of the population in the last few decades, our bodies still haven’t adapted to the fact that they aren’t scarce resources anymore. That will take at least another ten thousand years (by which point they may well be scarce again, but that’s another matter).
So if our bodies still think those three things are scarce and values them because fat and sugar are full of calories, while salt is an essential nutrient, how can it reward you for eating them over say, a stick of celery or some broccoli?
Easy – your brain tells you they taste nicer.
And it does this by releasing chemicals that cause you to feel pleasure when you eat them.
If you doubt this, imagine how you feel when you see some raw broccoli, which contains very little fat, sugar, or salt. Does it make your mouth water? Does the thought of how it will taste when you put it in your mouth and crunch down on it cause you to feel pleasure or pain? Would you enjoy the experience or hate it?
Now I know people who do actually eat raw broccoli, but they don’t enjoy it and they definitely don’t like the taste. They do it because it’s so full of nutrients that it’s known as a super-food. Even after many years however, they still hate the taste.
Now let’s compare that with chocolate.
Your average bar of chocolate is roughly 33% fat and 50% sugar, and although not high in salt, it’s there. How do you feel when you imagine seeing a bar of chocolate? Is it a lot more pleasurable than when you imagined some broccoli? Is the thought of how you’ll feel the instant the chocolate …