Tips for Keeping Important Documents Safe and Undamaged

Why should these documents be stored securely? The reason is that some of the documents above can be the target of theft. But the main reason is that people are often not careful in storing documents, so that they are lost or damaged due to misplaced storage.

Important documents are prone to damage because they are made of paper material, so we must be careful to prevent the document from being torn, eaten by termites, or wet. The reason is, to recreate important documents that are lost or damaged are usually not easy. It takes a lot of requirements, takes a long time, and of course there are administrative costs that we have to pay. Here’s How to Keep Documents Safe!

Copy and Scan Documents

After receiving an important document, all you have to do is photocopy the document, approximately 5 to 10 sheets. The purposes of photocopying documents are when you need the document Chicago obituaries , you don’t have to take out the original, reducing the risk of losing the document.


To solve the problem of paper that is easily damaged, wet, or folded, you can use this method. Lamination is coating the document with a special plastic that will be heated, so that the document is protected and not easily damaged.

To laminate a document, you can go to a copy shop. If you want to save money, you can buy your own special laminated plastic, and use a clothes iron. Keep in mind, before doing your own lamination, you must learn special tricks so that the results are good, not damaging your document.

Label the Name on the Display Book

Don’t forget to label each display book a name . For example, with a label sticker, write “Birth Certificate (name of certificate owner)”. This label will make it easier to find documents. When you remove the document, don’t forget to return the document to the correct display book . Organizing important document storage may tend to be a hassle at first. But if it’s neat, in the future it will be very easy for you, you know . So don’t be lazy!