Toothpaste on Pimples – Why This Does Not Work

Toothpaste on Pimples – Why This Does Not Work

You see as an ex acne sufferer myself I was constantly on the look out for different remedies that may just help out my acne. I know how it feels to wake up every day to see those same red blemishes and whiteheads on your face but what is a simple and easy remedy for them?

Well one of the breakthrough ideas is that toothpaste can clear up your acne. Well there are some chemicals found in toothpaste that are related to closing over the acne cysts how ever you have to be aware of the side effects.

You see they add bleach to toothpaste and what people do not realise is that you can actually bleach your skin if you are going to use this as an acne treatment. There are so many false claims in the world of skin care as people are just out to make quick dollar but if you really want clear skin you need to know what works. That is why I am here to finally set fact from fiction so you can get that clear skin you have always dreamed about.

You need to realise that there are many acne myths out there and if you fall for them your acne condition can actually become worse. To start off you should eliminate most dairy foods from your diet as they contain a hormone called insulin which can cause rapid fluctuations in your sebum levels which cause acne on your face. If you follow a good plan of getting rid of acne you can not go wrong and that clear face you have always dreamed about is not as far as away as you think.

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