Herbal Skin Care and Natural Skin Care Products – Learn Why These Are Better For Your Skin

Herbal and natural skin care, including other forms, have increased in popularity over the years. Herbal skin care treatments can be done at home with ingredients right from your own kitchen. Herbal dermis care treatments can be quite easy and cheap to whip up. Natural face care products are also available on the market at very affordable prices.
Herbal skin and body care and natural skin care products are now preferred by more and more people as they become more aware of the dangers of most skin care products that are laden with chemicals and other harmful ingredients.
Studies show that commonly used chemicals in skin and beauty care products like parabens and dioxanes can actually lead to cancer. Fragrances and alcohols also cause skin irritation and reactions like allergies, redness, and rashes.
Herbal and natural skin care products are a lot milder and safer than these products made with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Here are some examples of herbal treatments you can try out at home using ingredients found from your own kitchen.
You can use seedless grapes to remove the wrinkles from your skin. Cut the grape in half and crush it on the skin on the face and the neck. Make sure you apply it on areas where wrinkles are commonly found like around the eyes, mouth, and on the forehead. Leave it on your face for twenty minutes before rinsing with warm water. Do this every day and watch your wrinkles improve.
Lemon makes an excellent facial wash for oily skin. Add lemon juice to water then add some honey and cloves. Lemon helps wash away dirt but it can be quite strong so make sure to wash your face thoroughly.
Natural face care products are widely available too. Some of the best ingredients for skin care are manuka honey, avocado oil, and cynergy TK.
Manuka honey has antioxidant, antibacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It works well for acne-prone skin and has anti-aging benefits. Manuka honey is also an effective moisturizer.
Avocado oil is a very good moisturizer because it is rich in essential fatty acids. It is also high in antioxidants and has a high sterolin content that helps reverse skin damage and heal scars.
Cynergy TK stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastin to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity. It also works well as a moisturizer as it improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.
If you’re interested in finding out more about herbal and natural ingredients in beauty and skin products, visit my site today.…

How To Choose A Toothbrush and Your Toothpaste

How To Choose A Toothbrush and Your Toothpaste

There are 2 types of toothbrushes to choose from currently, including those of the manual variety or potentially an electric one. With the cost of dental work being fairly high these days it makes sense to focus primarily on oral hygiene with proper brushing.

With regards to the manual version, toothbrushes have made excellent strides. Multiple bristle strengths have made them more comfortable for each user depending on needs. Whether a user desires whiter teeth with firmer bristle action or maybe has sensitive teeth, these needs can be accommodated.

The handles on the newer designs have more ergonomic designs for a more comfortable grip. The cost of a manual toothbrush is significantly lower than an electric version.

Electric toothbrushes, however, have dropped in price substantially over the last 10 years. Now you can find one for under 10 dollars. It may not be the best toothbrush imaginable, but they are available.

People with weaknesses or physical disabilities affecting their upper extremities have an easier time using an electric toothbrush. Older individuals and kids often have an easier time working with an electric toothbrush.

The more expensive electric toothbrushes have options of varying head shapes and bristle strengths. These are interchangeable, since the toothbrush itself is not disposable. There are studies showing that the brush head shape can actually have a substantial impact on keeping teeth clean. The fact that the different brush heads are available often makes the decision for an electric brush an easy one.

It really is a matter of personal preference, as either a manual brush or electric one with regular brushing and flossing will have the same beneficial results.

Research will not tell definitively which is better at preventing plaque.

So as mentioned it will come down to a decision involving cost, ergonomics, convenience, and the way it makes your mouth feel.

Another decision with regards to your oral health is what kind of toothpaste to use. Many common varieties do a poor job of cleaning your teeth, and may actually harm your enamel. A significant amount of toothpastes that supposedly whiten your teeth actually contain a warning that they may stain your teeth. This is because stannous fluoride is contained, which requires a USFDA warning about potential staining. What, a tooth whitening paste that actually stains your teeth? Avoid these varieties.

A better option is to find a toothpaste that has natural compounds that will whiten teeth and target the bacteria in the mouth causing bad breath.

Look for pastes containing zinc, aloe vera, xylitol, chlorhexidine, and sodium fluoride for instance.

Avoid toothpastes containing saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate, or stannous fluouride, as they can stain teeth and actually feed bacteria rather than kill them.…

Whole Food Nutrition – The Industrialization of Nutrition and the Cancer Epidemic

Most people today are concerned about getting cancer. All most everybody knows someone who has some form of cancer. Maybe even someone who has died from cancer.
The American Western medical industry deals with cancer mainly after someone has it. Works great for the insurance, hospital, pharmaceutical and other industries that make huge profits from cancer.
If people were to prevent cancer from even getting started, these cancer for profit industries would be out of business.
It is no wonder many people have come to believe that cancer just happens, its genetic, it just bad luck, the luck of the draw. Basically out of our control. The way the western medical industry deals with disease and illness including cancer, it makes it easy for people to not have to be responsible for their own health.
Changing Perceptions and Facts
More and more people today are starting to understand that this is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
People into natural functional medicine and the holistic natural health movement have know for years that cancer can be prevented and even cured. A lot of the natural preventative strategies, cures and remedies for many different forms of cancer have turned out to be less complicated than we might think. In fact it is often fairly simple and can cost very little.
Greed and pursuit of profit, is why the mainstream western medical and drug industries won’t tell you the truth, why they do all they can to suppress the natural therapies and strategies that are out there successfully working to prevent and to cure cancer. There isn’t the kind of profit they want in natural simple solutions, like nutrition, antioxidants, herbal therapies etc.
Unfortunately the other industry that is part of this cancer epidemic is the food manufacturing industry. The production of processed refined foods, high fructose corn syrup along with industrial meat production and farmed fish all fed nothing but GMO corn, soy and corn like substances, is causing cancer and many other diseases.
Our bodies need the correct kinds and levels of nutrition to be balanced and to function normally. Homeostasis is a term used when the body is functioning normally. When our bodies are functioning normally we don’t have illness and diseases.
When we are eating mostly foods that have been adulterated and changed so much that the food does not really nutritiously resemble its original whole natural makeup, it is impossible for our bodies to enjoy “homeostasis”..
One of the most common results of eating these kinds of foods with low or non existent nutritional value is cancer. Unfortunately it’s hard and getting harder to avoid these foods and get the levels of nutrition our bodies need to function normally, so our bodies can repel and fight cancer growth.
Eating concentrated unadulterated organic whole super foods is one way to supply our bodies with the nutrition and antioxidants we all need to be healthy and cancer free.…

Will a Dog Tartar Spray Remove Tartar From Your Dog’s Teeth?

Will a Dog Tartar Spray Remove Tartar From Your Dog’s Teeth?

When it comes to managing your dog’s oral health, you have basically three choices: professional cleaning at the vet’s, a toothbrush with dog toothpaste, and a dog tartar spray. Each has its pluses and minuses.

If you opt to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned, the big plus is that after it’s over, his teeth will be clean. The procedure, however, is expensive, and cost is a consideration in these economic hard times. If tooth extractions are necessary or a course of antibiotics is prescribed to prevent a possible infection, the cost goes up. It can often run several hundred dollars. And vets recommend you get this procedure yearly.

More than the cost, the risk to your dog’s life by being put under anesthesia is not insignificant. Your dog isn’t going to obligingly lie there with his mouth open while the vet scales his teeth, so an anesthetic is necessary. The risk isn’t as low as you might think. Approximately 1 in 233 dogs dies under anesthesia. Compare that to 1 in 10,000 among humans.

Brushing is certainly very cost effective. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are relatively inexpensive. However, brushing is more a preventative than a tartar remover. If your dog already has a tartar buildup, brushing won’t do much to remove it. Dogs aren’t particularly cooperative when it comes to having something shoved into their mouth. So coverage may be hit or miss. On top of that, you are probably only going to be able to get the outside of the teeth, and tartar builds up on the inside too. As a side note, if you choose to brush your dog’s teeth, don’t use your toothpaste. There are ingredients in human toothpaste that can be harmful to dogs. Use a toothpaste formulated for dogs.

A dog tartar spray, such as DentaSure, is inexpensive, a six month supply costing approximately $30. It is easy to use. Simply spray in your dog’s mouth twice a day, concentrating on the heaviest areas of tartar buildup. Your dog will lick his lips, spreading the spray to coat all of his teeth. It is effective. After a couple of weeks you will notice the tartar buildup beginning to disappear. Depending on the amount of tartar on your dog’s teeth when you begin the applications, after several weeks, most, if not all, of the tartar will be gone. Then it’s just a matter of spraying two or three times a week to prevent the re-occurrence of tartar.

So, the answer to the question posed in the title of this article is “Yes.” A dog tartar spray will most definitely remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. And you will find that not only is it effective and inexpensive, but far and away the safest way to ensure your dog’s oral health.…

Tips for Keeping Important Documents Safe and Undamaged

Why should these documents be stored securely? The reason is that some of the documents above can be the target of theft. But the main reason is that people are often not careful in storing documents, so that they are lost or damaged due to misplaced storage.

Important documents are prone to damage because they are made of paper material, so we must be careful to prevent the document from being torn, eaten by termites, or wet. The reason is, to recreate important documents that are lost or damaged are usually not easy. It takes a lot of requirements, takes a long time, and of course there are administrative costs that we have to pay. Here’s How to Keep Documents Safe!

Copy and Scan Documents

After receiving an important document, all you have to do is photocopy the document, approximately 5 to 10 sheets. The purposes of photocopying documents are when you need the document Chicago obituaries , you don’t have to take out the original, reducing the risk of losing the document.


To solve the problem of paper that is easily damaged, wet, or folded, you can use this method. Lamination is coating the document with a special plastic that will be heated, so that the document is protected and not easily damaged.

To laminate a document, you can go to a copy shop. If you want to save money, you can buy your own special laminated plastic, and use a clothes iron. Keep in mind, before doing your own lamination, you must learn special tricks so that the results are good, not damaging your document.

Label the Name on the Display Book

Don’t forget to label each display book a name . For example, with a label sticker, write “Birth Certificate (name of certificate owner)”. This label will make it easier to find documents. When you remove the document, don’t forget to return the document to the correct display book . Organizing important document storage may tend to be a hassle at first. But if it’s neat, in the future it will be very easy for you, you know . So don’t be lazy!…