3 Key Facts You Should Consider Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatments

If you’ve been dreaming about skipping daily hair removal and saving time and money on hair removal products, you may have thought about investing in a trip to a laser spa. Getting professional laser hair removal can be a good solution to annoying bodily hair that can make your morning routine much simpler. Before you book your first session, however, it’s important to be prepared with the facts.

1. It May Require Multiple Treatments

Unfortunately, laser hair removal usually isn’t as simple as going into the clinic for a single treatment and walking out smooth and hair-free. Because hair grows in cycles, your technician won’t be able to catch every single hair at the right moment at a given treatment time. For this reason, you’ll need to book several sessions to see full results. You can expect to book between six to twelve sessions spaced a few weeks apart. The good news is, you’ll likely see results from each session about two to three weeks following treatment.

2. You Should Shave Before Your Session

This may come as a surprise, but most technicians actually prefer for you to shave before your session. This is because too much hair on the surface can react with the laser and potentially cause irritation or a burnt smell, and shaving allows the laser to target the root of the hair more directly. Just be sure to avoid waxing beforehand, since this pulls out the root and could make the treatment ineffective.

3. Avoid the Gym Afterward

Finally, if you have a regular gym routine, you should know that you’ll need to avoid situations that produce heat and sweat after treatment, including gym sessions. This is because hot environments put you at risk of bacteria multiplication, causing skin irritation.

Dealing with bodily hair removal every day or even every week can quickly become frustrating and expensive. With this information in mind, you’ll be well prepared to choose whether this treatment could provide the solutions you’re looking for.