How to Get Rid of Acne Using Toothpaste

How to Get Rid of Acne Using Toothpaste

Believe it if not, toothpaste can actually improve, and even cure your acne. now I don’t know about you, but after hearing these rumours about the magical spot healing properties of toothpaste whilst a teenager, I let curiosity get the better of me and gave this funny method ago.

In my experience, toothpaste can actually help heal a cystic spot. For me a minty toothpaste has never actually completely got rid of my spots altogether, but it did certainly reduce them.

So if you have an important event the following day, such as a photo shoot or date, and you have a mountainous pimple, then toothpaste my be the answer.

The most effective way to use toothpaste to cure a cystic spot, is to apply it at night. This is allows it to have a few hours to work its magic. Plus, it would be really embarrassing to be turning up at school or work with a massive blob of toothpaste smeared across your forehead. The theory goes that is you apply it at night, hopefully by the morning your spot should have significantly decreased in size and redness.

You do not need to apply much of the paste, just enough for it to cover the spot, or spots that are troubling you.

The make, or brand of the toothpaste do have differences. The stronger and minter the toothpaste, the more tingly it will feel on your skin. I recommend that you do not use a strong type as you do not want to irritate your skin.

I would agree that toothpaste can be a quick way to reduce a painful cystic spot, but it is not as effective as an effective topical acne treatment. At the end of the day, toothpaste was designed to clean our teeth and keep our breath fresh, not cure spots. Whilst a topical ace treatment is designed for this very purpose.

I really hope this you have found this article useful.