Oral Care Following Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Most people are unaware of their wisdom teeth until they begin to cause pain and swelling. If you need to undergo wisdom teeth extraction Lombard IL, your oral surgeon will advise the following aftercare to ensure proper recovery.

Apply Ice

A wisdom tooth extraction involves an incision that requires stitches. Immediately after surgery, you should apply an ice pack to your face every few hours for 15 minutes with a break between applications. This will minimize post-operative swelling, although it may not eliminate it.

Take Antibiotics

An oral surgeon will prescribe antibiotics following wisdom teeth extraction. It is necessary to complete the full course of treatment even if you no longer experience discomfort to eliminate the possibility of developing an infection.

Avoid Heavy Chewing

For the first day following the procedure, the oral surgeon will advise you to avoid chewing. It is best to consume liquids, including soup or juice and eat only soft foods like eggs or yogurt if you can tolerate them comfortably. You want to ensure that the stitches in your mouth do not come apart prematurely.

Rinse With Salt Water

One full day after surgery, you may begin rinsing your mouth with a solution of salt mixed with warm water. Saltwater increases your mouth’s pH level, and flushes debris away from the surgical site, discouraging bacterial growth that may lead to infection.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

It is advisable to postpone intense workouts during the days following a wisdom tooth extraction to ensure that you don’t loosen your stitches and cause your wound to open and bleed. Although some bleeding may be expected immediately following surgery, biting on a folded piece of gauze will usually stop it.

After the extraction of your wisdom teeth, it is necessary to follow your oral surgeon’s instructions and get ample rest to ensure a full recovery.