Tips To Help Your Child Feel Confident at the Dentist

The dentist doesn’t have to be a scary place for your child when you prepare them well before a visit. Help them see it as a fun experience with lots of interesting things to explore. Finding a personable dentist that works well with children is the first step toward an enjoyable and stress-free time at an appointment. Once you find a dentist you love, here are some tips to help your child prepare well for their next cleaning.

Practice at Home

Your child has to learn that the dentist and orthodontist for kids Braintree MA is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. If your little one is nervous, you can use pretend play at home to make it more fun. Hold a mirror up like the dentist, practice opening your mouth up wide and teach your kid how to brush and floss well.

Use Positive Language

Even if you don’t like the dentist, avoid using negative terminology when preparing for a visit. Keep things upbeat and relaxed to help your child go to the dentist without fear.

Meet the Dentist

You can call your dentist’s office to see if you can schedule a time for your child to meet the dentist and tour the office before their first visit. Knowing the environment can help ease fears when it’s time for a visit.

Start Early

When your child is small, take them with you to your regular cleanings. They will see how you have to open your mouth for them to check your teeth. Watching you have your teeth brushed can also build confidence. Once your child is around three years old, it’s time to try a visit.

With all of the preparation and play experience, your child will race to the dentist’s office ready to prove they can make it through a session with bravery.