Toothpaste Ingredients and How They Affect You

Toothpaste Ingredients and How They Affect You

Whilst we are all aware of the importance of brushing our teeth regularly, ensuring that we floss and refrain from drinking too much sugary, carbonated drinks, the overwhelming majority of us are quite content to simply leave it there and do not bother taking it any further. We simply accept at face value that we should brush our teeth and so we do not even give a second thought to toothpaste ingredients or the ways in which they affect our teeth. This is an extremely foolish as well as risky proposition indeed, and could mean that we are unduly placing the safety of our teeth at a great degree of risk indeed.

For example, many people who happen to suffer from the fairly embarrassing complaint of having discoloration and staining of their teeth will turn to whitening agents in an attempt to return the sparkle and glow to their teeth. What these people fail to appreciate however is that these types of toothpastes actually contain high concentrations of silica which is an extremely abrasive material indeed. This is and should be of concern for the consumer who uses such products because the abrasive nature of silica will slowly but surely weaken and chip away at the surface of our teeth or to use the medical term, the enamel. This will make our teeth more brittle and therefore more liable to crack and break, as well as being extremely sensitive to heat and cold as well.

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Even fluoride, which is an active ingredient in all toothpastes and is advocated by the dentistry profession and understood by the layman, can be potentially problematic as well. Too much exposure to fluoride can actually cause permanent discoloration of the teeth, with a milky white residue appearing on the front teeth.

As can be plainly seen then, being ware of the risks and presence of toothpaste ingredients is an important thing indeed. If you are looking for a safe, reliable and cost effective way of ensuring that your teeth are kept pristine and healthy but do not want to run the risk of incurring some variety of health complaint as a result of using commercial toothpaste then it is strongly recommended that you use baking soda.