Toothpaste Leading Brands No Match For Bad Breath

Toothpaste Leading Brands No Match For Bad Breath

Not even the very best toothpaste leading brands are any match for bad breath for one very simple reason: Because most actually make the problem worse!

Unfortunately, many of the most popular and best-selling toothpaste products on the market today are made with chemicals or synthesized ingredients, such as:

Zinc Oxide

Chlorine Dioxide


Hydrogen Peroxide

While these ingredients are designed to help kill bacteria and other germs in the mouth including those known to cause bad breath, they cause a very unintended but serious side effect:

Dry Mouth or Xerostomia!

So what is the big deal with dry mouth when it comes to fighting halitosis? Everything!

The problem with a dry mouth is that it leaves your body almost completely defenseless against the anaerobic bacteria responsible for those foul odors we hate so much!

Saliva helps naturally fight bad breath in 4 ways, including:

1) Rinses Away the VSC’s that Cause Bad Breath: Also known as volatile sulfur compounds, VSC’s are literally the waste products of the bacteria responsible for halitosis. Saliva washes these away each time you swallow and naturally eliminates the VSC’s thus controlling halitosis.

2) Rinses Away the Bacteria’s Next Meal: Anaerobic bacteria in your mouth literally feed upon the tiny food particles we leave behind after each meal. By washing away these food particles, saliva helps keep bacteria populations low and the foul odors at bay!

3) Saliva is Rich in Oxygen: Anaerobic literally means “without oxygen” which is precisely the type of environment these smelly bacteria prefer to breed. When you mouth has plenty of saliva, the oxygen content is high meaning the anaerobic breeding activity is low-so there are fewer bacteria producing the VSC’s that actually cause halitosis.

4) Saliva Rich in Enzymes: Specialized enzymes found in saliva are necessary to produce antibodies that search and destroy the anaerobic bacteria-so when your mouth is dry, it is virtually defenseless against the microbes and the bad breath they cause!

At the end of the day, any toothpaste oral hygiene product made with harsh chemicals or synthesized ingredients is more likely to cause dehydration and dry mouth. These products may temporarily reduce the numbers of bacteria but these microbes breed very fast-especially when there is little to no saliva to naturally help control them. So toothpaste, mouthwash, and other products may help control halitosis in the morning but by early afternoon-it returns with a vengeance!

To truly end problems with halitosis once and for all, you need to control the anaerobic bacteria using all-natural ingredients like lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, and other natural anti-bacterial agents. All-natural ingredients will not cause dehydration and dry mouth but can control the bacteria thus preventing halitosis.

Using inexpensive ingredients that you can find at almost any grocery store, you can make your very own toothpaste or mouthwash for a fraction of what you will pay for those brand name products! So remember-even toothpaste leading brands are no match for bad breath if they are made with ingredients that cause dehydration!