Unique Way of Treating Acne – Toothpaste Pack Overnight

Unique Way of Treating Acne – Toothpaste Pack Overnight

We all know how acne destroyed confidence and crushing social and personal life, not just teenagers but to some adult as well. I have found a unique way of treating acne by using toothpaste pack overnight. If we use cucumber to ease eye bugs and mud pack for beauty, toothpaste pack for acne. These unique way might not work for some patient but it could work for some too. Less cost and risk free home remedy could be the answer of your acne problem. But advance advice if it does not stop it right away and seek for proper treatment but if it will work for you then you can continue using these method until acne is gone. When to do this trick? It should be done before bedtime.

Here is how?

1. Wash your hands. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly as hands can bring more bacteria more than you can see in your naked eye.

2. Wash your face. Make sure you are oil free, you can use cleanser to get rid of sticky excessive oil in the face. Precaution make sure that the cleanser you use suits your skin type.

3.Wash your hands again. Make sure there is no oil present in your hands, as it is very important no oil will be mixed with the toothpaste.

4. Apply small amount of toothpaste to the affected area. Rub in a circular motion until some toothpaste are penetrated in the skin.

5. Wash your hands for a toothpaste free sleep and avoid laughing and wide talking while the toothpaste pack is in your face.

6. Wash your face thoroughly IN THE MORNING not right after you apply it. Yes you will sleep with toothpaste in your face.

It be a great help if it’s work as cost free and do not hesitate to try it is risk free.