How Toothpaste Whiteners Work

How Toothpaste Whiteners Work

Whitening toothpastes with select whitening additives are the most affordable methods of teeth bleaching available to the general populous. Many well known toothpaste manufacturers have produced their own sort of teeth whiteners and each promise a pearly white smile. The real question is, do they work? Over 45% of toothpaste whitener users have said that the toothpastes have worked better than any other method that they have tried before.

How Toothpaste Whiteners Work

Toothpaste whiteners work the same way as dental bleaching and as whitening strips by using bleaching chemicals that penetrate the stained layers of teeth and work to remove any discoloration. The most common solution found in toothpaste whiteners is baking soda due to its abrasiveness when dealing with teeth stains. Baking soda is a mildly alkaline material that dissolves in water to get its way into tooth enamel. While you brush, the brushing allows the ions in baking soda to get into those annoying stains and scrape them off of the surface of your teeth. They provide both the baking soda power and the minty fresh feeling once the conclusion of brushing is reached.

Cost of Toothpaste Whiteners

Toothpaste whiteners have the tendency to work well and still not be a burden on your wallet. You can purchase these products from any retailer that carries personal needs products and they are available without the need of a prescription. A large tube can range anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 depending on the name brand that you decide to buy and the success rate of the product. Having your teeth become whiter per brushing is completely worth it for only a maximum expense of $10.00.

Why Toothpaste Whiteners?

The most alluring part of toothpaste whiteners is the cheap cost and the availability of the product. Having been placed on many shelves throughout a thousand stores, you can purchase toothpaste whiteners from almost any store that you venture into. Another interesting aspect of this method is the simplicity of the routine because the only thing that needs to be changed is the type of toothpaste that you use. If you are a frequent brusher then you will not need to form a new routine that you will have to get used to, all you have to do is switch out bottles. Finally, many people trust whitening toothpastes more than they trust the at home trays or dental bleaching because they believe that there are less chemicals in toothpaste. Although there may be a decreased amount of chemicals in the toothpaste, they still penetrate the stains the same way as the take home dental trays or whitening strips.

Tooth whitening works in various different ways and toothpaste whiteners seem to be a popular alternative to the more expensive methods such as dental bleaching and the at home whitening remedies. While combining the use of peroxide compounds and the oxidization of baking soda, the teeth are brought to their whitest state thanks to the innovative make up of the whitening toothpaste solution.