What Is Integrative Chiropractic?

Physical health is one subject that cannot be overemphasized as our bodies need to stay in good health for us to function effectively in our day-to-day activities. With more advancement being made to modern medicine and the spotlight being more on the patients, you’d readily find individuals that specialize in a core field in medicine and this includes Integrative Chiropractic.

According to the Chiropractic Research Organization, Integrative Chiropractic is founded on the philosophy that spinal alignment plays a fundamental role in the state of health of the body. This is because the state of the spine alignment tremendously affects the nervous system and if your nervous system is healthy, then the rest of your body will be healthy. 

Chiropractor vs. Physiotherapy

Seeing that chiropractics and physiotherapists overlap so much, working more with their hands in administering therapy, it may be quite difficult to tell the two apart.

The fundamental distinguishing feature between these two professions, however, lies in their specialties. While chiropractors focus majorly on spinal manipulation and realignment of this bone structure, focusing on the effect on the nervous system, physiotherapists focus more on the muscles. This is why chiropractors tend to send their patients over to physiotherapists for rehab and vice versa.

Physiotherapists are rather more diverse, handling issues in the muscles in any area of the body, unlike a chiropractor that focuses on spine alignment.

Why Integrative Chiropractic Is Good Therapy

The skeletal system of the body plays a key role in our posture. It determines our mobility, balance, flexibility, and eventually, our overall well-being and physical health. If you have experienced a fatal accident or car crash that affected the skeletal structure of your body, repetitive hands-on therapy, acupuncture, and spinal alignment can restore normal functioning of the skeletal structure.

Integrative Chiropractic also heightens mind-body self-awareness, helping you understand the origin of your discomforts, and hence access holistic treatments. This is made possible through the realignment of spinal subluxations that tend to get displaced during a major accident, disrupting the free flow of messages between the brain and the nerves.

How to Locate Experienced Integrative Chiropractors

Having seen the fundamental role Integrative Chiropractic plays in our overall physical health, there comes another daunting task of deciding which Integrative Chiropractor to settle with from among the lot.

Most qualified Integrative Chiropractors are located through referrals, so don’t hesitate to ask those with firsthand experience with Chiropractors. Integrative Chiropractic CO-based and similar offices are your best bets. Be sure to research the chiropractor’s credentials as well, confirming their qualifications. 

Integrative Chiropractic has been a profound breakthrough in medicine and, with a skilled chiropractor, your overall physical health can be restored with spinal alignment.