What You Need to Know About Dental Implant Surgery

When a tooth is lost from the mouth, there are a lot of options available for its replacement. These options range from removable dentures to fixed alternatives such as crowns, bridges, and dental implants merrillville in residents are familiar with. You can read more below.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are surgically implanted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. They are usually made of metal and they serve as the foundation for the overlying artificial teeth. Dental implants have a lot of advantages over the traditional denture. These include: Improved appearance: Dental implants are designed to look like the natural teeth. They are inserted into the jawbone the same way the natural tooth root is within the socket.

Speech improvement: Slurred speech is a common problem among denture wearers. This can be as a result of ill-fitting dentures which can slip or fall off during use. This problem does not occur in people with implants because the dental implant fuses with the jaw bone.
Improved comfort and convenience: Another obvious advantage the implant has over the denture is the convenience. The implant is convenient to use because it is fixed in place. The denture, however, is removable and can be difficult to maintain. Improved confidence: Dental implants are more attractive looking and can restore your natural smile. This can improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

Before getting an implant, your dentist would first evaluate your oral health. A patient needing a dental implant must have enough healthy gums and jaw bone to hold the implant in place.
The dentist would also evaluate your commitment to good oral hygiene because poor oral hygiene is one of the reasons that your new implant might fail. People who smoke as well as people who suffer from systemic conditions like uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease may also need to be evaluated on an individual basis.

What to Expect during Dental Implant surgery?

The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis. You may need up to 3 or more visits before the final restoration is placed. The surgeon gives you local anesthesia and makes an incision on the gum to expose the jaw bone. When the jaw bone is exposed, he drills a hole into the area of the bone where the implant will be placed. The titanium implant is then inserted deep into the bone. After this, the dentist closes up the gum and waits for the fusion of the implant with the jawbone. This process is called osseointegration and it can take about 6 to 12 weeks.

At the Second Visit.

The dentist reopens the gum and exposes the implant. He then places the abutment over the implant post. The abutment is the part of the implant which connects the implant post to the crown. The gum tissue is then reattached around the abutment. After this stage, your dentist would probably give you 1 or 2 weeks for the gum to heal before your next appointment. The impression of your teeth is taken and the dentist selects your final artificial teeth. These are then screwed or cemented over the abutment.