Three Important Considerations for Having a Parent Move In

As our parents age, more adult children are having serious and sometimes difficult conversations about elderly care. If a parent is no longer able to live independently, your options include moving him or her into a nursing home or having him or her come live with you. For many families, the idea of a retirement community or nursing home may be unthinkable, leaving a move-in as the only option. Here are some things to think about.

Counting the Costs

Your life will change significantly after a move-in. Consider not just the impact of having another person in the house, but also that your parent may or may not be ready to depend on someone else. If you live with other family members, they will also be affected. Start having honest conversations about the reality of a parent living at home, especially when it comes to boundaries, needs and emergencies.

Senior Proofing Your Home

A senior living with you requires an assessment of the house with regard to your parent’s needs. Will your parent be mostly independent or need full-time supervision by a provider of Chevy Chase home care? Can they handle stairs with or without assistance? Do they need their own restroom? Do you need to add handrails to their bathroom and living quarters? These are just some of the many questions you’ll need to answer.

Counting the Costs…Again

Moving a parent in will increase your expenses. You’ll need to purchase more food, home goods, toiletries as well as prescriptions, medical expenses and other necessities. You’ll need to have a serious conversation about their financial resources and whether they can cover some of these costs.

If you and your parents live long enough, at some point, you’ll have to think about elderly care. Whether they move into a retirement facility or into your home, there are some open discussions that need to be held that include everyone’s needs, wants and priorities. You may even find that after careful consideration, moving a parent in is not the answer.