Awesome Home Remedy For Pimples – This Really Works!

Awesome Home Remedy For Pimples – This Really Works!

We all get those pimples every once and a while, some go away after a day or two on their own… but some of those stubborn ones just stay there longer than we want so I am giving you a nice remedy you can use…

As you might already know, Toothpaste kills many forms of bacteria and it also acts as a drying agent, so it’s pretty easy to say that if you dab some on a pimple it will help shrink and kill the pimple fast.

Here is a step by step regimen you can try out, hope it helps…

1) Get the Paste type toothpaste not gel…

2) Wash your face with warm water, finish off with a splash of cold water.

3) Dab a little toothpaste onto your finger tip or cue tip…

4) Put it on the desired pimple/zit

5) Leave it on for about 5-8 hours

6) Wash off with warm water

7) pat your face to dry, do not rub because it can irritate your skin.

For best results, I recommend doing this regimen before bed that way when you wake up you can just wash it off.

In my experience, This home remedy really helps reduce the redness in the pimple more than the size…. However, It could be the other way around depending on how your skin reacts to it.

This method also should NOT be practiced on what you call “cystic acne” (pimples under the skin).. It just will not have the same effect…. Because Remember your trying to dry up the pimple and all the bacteria around it.

All in all, this little home remedy is a extremely good method for reducing size & redness of your typical pimples or zits.