What Is the Most Common Breast Cancer Treatment?

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is always a difficult time. Many questions will be going through one’s head and the upper-most will be what treatment options are available to you.

Although family members and friends will want to help with plenty of advice and support, it is best to follow one’s doctor’s advice and avoid being caught up in idle speculation. Be careful of the numerous cancer cures that are touted online. Without adequate research and peer-reviewed papers, it is difficult to ascertain just how effective these treatments may be.

Here’s a quick overview of what traditional options are available to you.

Surgery as a Treatment for Cancer

If you are diagnosed with stage I breast cancer, then surgery is the main treatment option in most instances. Success rates are high when compared to other options and it is possible to combine your cancer removal surgery with breast reconstruction surgery at the same time. However, if radiation therapy is required post-operatively, then it is best to avoid any reconstruction work until after the radiation therapy is completed.

Other Cancer treatment Options

Depending on what stage your cancer is in, there are various options available.

You may be treated with:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted drug therapy
  • A combination of therapies

Your doctor may use a combination of therapies to have the best chance of defeating cancer. More serious stages of cancer are treated more aggressively and once you reach stage III cancer, neoadjuvant therapies are usually used before surgery.

Due to the intimate nature of breast cancer surgery, the psychological well-being of a patient needs to be considered and counseling and possibly other drug treatment may be necessary to help one recover emotionally from the trauma. For breast cancer treatment Orange County-based research company, City of Hope, the investment of billions of dollars into cures for this deadly disease is an ongoing project.