Care for Body and Skin

Make-up-artists use them to apply the initial base make ups, with the usage of Makeup sponges; smooth and even make ups are possible. They are even used to remove the applied makeup thoroughly with the help of cleanser solutions. Nowadays, many wholesale sponge manufacturers are coming into the market providing ample variations of sponges, which customers as well as retailers are buying. These wholesale sponge manufacturers are making wide spaces offering discounts and combi-offer for large scale retail buyers. As these are purpose oriented they are found in different shapes- rough, smooth, porous, dense etc. and having the fill of Vitamin E.
• A makeup sponge that is rough and porous is treated as the best choice for makeup removal, for their high absorbent, and rougher texture that dislodge makeup set in, in pores, giving a clean and clear face.
• Liquid foundations are best applied by triangular, smooth, semi-dense makeup sponge wedges, because of its smooth surface, the liquid foundations get mixed with the skin in well fashion.
Application of sponge skin care, present a beautiful skin within the blink of an eye. Long desired beautiful skin is now within the grip.
Though face is most attention gaining area of our body, but we cannot ignore the other parts of our body as well, and it has to be maintained in proper manner. Getting regular bath, using soaps, shampoos, skin care products are nevertheless important but what if the skin is not clear? For a clear skin, it must be scabbed regularly where back scrubber finds its use. Though not a new invention, but it has appeared with a new wrap today. Using an exfoliator or scrub once a week helps in removing dead skin cells, hence allowing the newer healthier ones to come through, exfoliations also keeps the skin uncongested generating in less spots and pimples.
Different types of back scrubber are available these days that includes:
• Old fashioned with a wooden shaft and a brush having natural bristles.
• Strapped back brush that are used like regular towels(materials includes microfiber, sisal or exfoliating ones)
• Two sides brush one side having microfiber (cleaning pores) and other is of sturdier exfoliating material (rubbing off dead old skins).
• Bath scrubber
• Oily skin scrubber
• Acne removal scrubber
• Vinyl- based body scrubbers perfect for itchy, dead skin cell exfoliation
• Body scrubbers containing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components resistant to mildew growth are widely recommended.
Now it’s the time for you to get your choice for a beautiful glowing skin. Go for sponge skin care and don’t ignore your body, soon you will see your dream coming true.