Does Toothpaste Help Fight Acne? Is This the Answer You Are Looking For?

Does Toothpaste Help Fight Acne? Is This the Answer You Are Looking For?

Does toothpaste help fight acne? No doubt the reason you are asking that question is because you have heard that many people have used toothpaste to treat their acne. You would find that if you asked 100 people who have tried this method, you would not get the same answer from them all!

It seems that many people who suffer from acne just want a simple quick and inexpensive solution, and using toothpaste has to be at the top of the list. After all, every household has it, so it is very easy just to go to your bathroom and give it a go. Many who have applied some on their pimples have said that they have noticed a big improvement in just a few days, whereas others have had side effects such as large red marks on their face where they treated their acne.

Why does toothpaste work for some and not for others? Well, there are a few factors involved. For example, the main ingredient in toothpaste that is effective in fighting acne is Triclosan. This is a strong antibacterial chemical which obviously has some healing properties. However, not all toothpaste has this ingredient, and not everyone reacts the same way to it.

Another factor is that some people have dry skin and this can cause problems especially if you leave the toothpaste on too long as it can really dry out the skin which is something you don’t want as this can cause irritation and redness, which is the opposite result you are looking for!

Something else to consider is that toothpaste was never designed to cure or alleviate acne. Now that does not mean you should not use it, but it is something to think about because we are talking about a sensitive issue here, that of fighting acne, and some people may scoff at the idea of using toothpaste to treat it, whereas others will say that they have been using it for years and has worked fine for them. At the end of the day though, you need to decide what’s best for you!

So, does toothpaste help fight acne? Well, the bottom line is that it depends on your make-up. Everyone is different, so you may hear that it has worked well for some and not for others. A far better solution to fighting acne is to use treatment approved by medical professionals, after all, we are living at a time where medical technology has made great advancement and discoveries, and you owe it to yourself to get the very best treatment when it comes to dealing with your acne.