Does Toothpaste Really Help Acne – The 21st Century Answer!

Does Toothpaste Really Help Acne – The 21st Century Answer!

If you are an acne sufferer, then no doubt you have heard people mention that toothpaste can be used to fight acne. There are many who will get the toothpaste out of their bathroom cabinet and apply some to a pimple or two in the hopes that when they wake up in the morning, it will be gone, or at the very least, be less redder! Is that true? Does toothpaste really help acne? Well, there really isn’t a simple answer to that question, and after reading through this article, you will see why.

A lot of people say that using toothpaste is a miracle cure if you suffer from acne and many will experiment with it to see if that truly is the case. Toothpaste contains many ingredients and one such ingredient is Triclosan, which is basically an antibacterial chemical which is also found in hand soaps, body washes and cosmetics, to name a few. It is because of this ingredient that toothpaste is viewed as an effective way to fight acne.

However, there are many acne sufferers who have tried using toothpaste to treat their acne or pimples and found that it has not worked at all, in fact, some have suffered bad side effects such as large burn marks, or what appear to be large burn marks over the area they treated.

The problem here is that everyone is different. And what may work for one person does not work for another, after all, we are talking about using toothpaste to treat acne, not some proven medical solution. Some people have dry skin, and if this is the case then they may have problems if they leave the toothpaste on too long as it can dry the skin and cause red marks as mentioned earlier.

Because of the side effects that can occur, it is far better if you get proper treatment from medical professionals. After all we are living in the 21st century where there are far better solutions to treating acne than using toothpaste!