What Is the Best Tooth Whitening System?

What Is the Best Tooth Whitening System?

White teeth. Few have them, most want them. But how to get them? There are several ways to go about getting those pearly whites as white as they can be. A dentist will put you through a whitening system at the office, but will want to charge you as if you were an A-list celebrity in the latest blockbuster. There are kits you can order by mail that claim to have the same whitening power that the dentists uses. But if the thought of using a product as powerful as a professional uses makes you a little uneasy, there are some at-home treatments you can use and they’re available at your local supermarket. Gels have been one of the quickest ways to go about obtaining super white teeth in minimal time. There’s different variations of gels available on the market today from liquid tray gels to pre-set gels on individual strips. As you can see, there’s a wide array of options for anyone wanting to get whiter teeth at home.

Whitening Toothpaste – If your teeth aren’t too yellow, you can get away with using a toothbrush with whitening agents added to it. These are also great as a follow-up treatment if you do decide to have the procedure done at the dentist. It will help your teeth stay whiter longer and you don’t have to think about it or fuss with any other product. Just brush your teeth as you normally do, but do so with the whitening toothpaste instead. Nowadays it’s harder to find toothpaste that doesn’t have whitening as a feature.

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Colgate Visible White – This is a product from the brand name Colgate that promises to deliver dentist-caliber whitening at home. Since it has a name that is easily recognizable, you’ll probably want to go with this one if you want to try to do it yourself. There are some kits out there that look similar to this one, but they don’t have a brand name on them, and sometimes no name at all. At least with this one if it burns the teeth out of your mouth you’ll have someone to sue.

Aquafresh White Trays – These trays look like a bite guard that you might use for playing sports. You have to try and fit this one-size-fits-everyone into your mouth and hope it covers all of your teeth. Many people have reported that this system bleached more than just their teeth, and caused their gums to turn white as well. Sounds painful.