Effective Skin Care Tips For You

Effective Skin Care Tips For You

A clear, glowing, healthy complexion is a sign of beauty and vitality. If your skin is not quite as great as you would like it to be, you have discovered the perfect article. By carefully reading this article and applying these skin care tips you can achieve the type of skin that you have always dreamed of. As your skin improves, you will feel much better about yourself and will feel a real boost in confidence. There is no need to be burdened with an unsightly complexion. Read on to learn more.

The most important skin care tip is that you should always use sunscreen. The sun’s ultra violet rays will prematurely damage your skin and cause you to get wrinkles and age spots. You should liberally apply sunscreen before going outdoors, even during the fall and winter months or on cloudy days. Do not make the mistake of only applying sunscreen when you go to the beach or pool during the summer. There is really no such thing as a safe tan, so avoid tanning beds altogether and limit the amount of natural sun exposure that you get. On particularly sunny days, remember to wear a hat and sunglasses in addition to putting on lots of sunscreen. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and you will be able to maintain your skin’s natural beauty and youthfulness as you age. Also, remember that no matter how dark your skin is naturally, you should still wear sunscreen. Fair-skinned individuals are most vulnerable to the sun’s damaging effects, but people of African and Latin descent should also protect their skin from the sun.

In addition to wearing sunscreen religiously, to protect your skin you must not smoke. If you’ve never smoked a cigarette in your life, do not start, and if you are a smoker, do your best to quit. Smoking constricts blood vessels and decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that get to your skin. This results in a myriad number of skin problems, including premature wrinkling and skin discoloration. Besides hurting your skin, smoking also leads to lung cancer and a host of other complications, so stay away from cigarettes.

To keep your skin looking great, eat a healthy diet. Avoid processed junk foods and consume lots of fresh green vegetables and plenty of nutritious fruits. Get your protein from lean foods such as chicken breasts, egg whites and skim milk. The unsaturated fats found in nuts, peanut butter and extra-virgin olive oil are also great for your skin. Avoid consuming too much sugar, as it is spikes insulin levels and is not great for your skin. Drink plenty of pure water, at least eight glasses per day. This will help to keep your skin naturally hydrated and healthy.

Reduce the stress in your life. Stress is harmful to your body in a number of ways and is not good for your skin. Although it is impossible to avoid all stress, try practicing stress relieving measures such as yoga and meditation.