Headache Prevention – Sinus Headache 4 Part Solution

Headache Prevention – Sinus Headache 4 Part Solution

As you know a sinus headache can be extremely painful and last for ages. The headache is just a consequence of inflammation within the sinus cavities of your skull. Inflammation causes swelling of the tissue lining the cavities and creates pressure which is experienced as a headache.

It is important to differentiate between pain from the sinus and a dental infection. The feeling can be the same. You may find your ENT specialist and dental specialist at odds over what the problem is.

From a natural medicine perspective the treatment is much the same. Patients with these headaches with unclear origins have responded to the same treatment.

Just a hole in the head

The simple reason that we have sinus cavities, or holes in the head, is to reduce the weight of your skull, which makes it easier for your neck and spine to support your head. Imagine if your head weighed just another 1kg or 2 pounds. The effort to support it especially when you are moving quickly or stopping suddenly would be too much for your neck.

Now imagine your sinus cavities as small spaces or air pockets in your forehead and under your eyes. These pockets are lined with tissue just like inside your mouth. Like your mouth this is a warm moist environment.

If the tissue becomes aggravated by pollen or dust or from a cold, the tissue swells up. You notice this especially when you have a cold and you feel congested and tend to block up when you lie down.

The problem with the sinus is that after the cold or whatever caused the aggravation the tissue remains a little inflamed. It doesn’t quite heal completely. Next time you experience some dust or pollen or eat a food which causes mucus membrane inflammation, then sinus tissue swells quickly and causes pain.

Now you reach for the decongestants or anti-histamines, or pain killers. These all help but don’t solve the problem, and the infection starts again.

To relieve this for good you need to do 7 things.

1. Remove the most common foods which typically cause allergic reactions or immune suppression. e.g. dairy, eggs, sugar, artificial sweeteners and wheat. Remove one at a time to test which is affecting you. To re test you introduce a small amount back into your diet and look to see if any symptoms return.

2. Treat the infection with herbs such a Echinacea, Golden Rod and Cats Claw.

3. Treat the sinus tissue with Golden Seal and Agrimony.

4. Use sinus specific herbs such as Golden Rod and Elderberry.

5. Use the anti allergy herbs such as Baical Skullcap and Albezzia

6. Vitamin C and Zinc for immunity.

7. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.

8. Plenty of clean water.

9. Daily walking will boost your immune system and reduce sinus and hayfever symptoms.

10. Ensure you get adequate rest and manage your stress.