How Healthcare Furniture Can Improve Patient Safety

What Is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral Health is also known as mental health and it is described as the study of emotions, mental well being, and behaviors. Behavioral health specialists evaluate a client’s ability to function in everyday life and how the client sees his or herself. Individuals who are experiencing behavioral health issues can have problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, addiction, and psych issues. There are many different types of health professionals who help to combat these issues. There can be one or more healthcare professionals who assist to treat an individual suffering from behavioral disorders. These health care practitioners are doctors, therapists, psychologists, and nurse practitioners etc. When treating behavioral health it is usually a combination treatment that includes therapy, counseling, and medications.

What Is Behavioral Health Furniture?

Healthcare facilities are starting to implement a different furniture style in their facilities that does not promote an institutional look but more of a modern home setting. While the healthcare facilities are looking to create more home settings they also would like to ensure that the environment is safe and secure for all clients. The designs are usually innovative and combine safety and durability all in one. The healthcare facilities are looking to make the environments warm and inviting. When the facilities are putting together this warm environment they are making sure that none of the furniture are fall hazards or can be used as weapons that can harm patients, visitors, or staff. The makers of the modern furniture that goes into healthcare facilities make sure that they create heavy and durable furniture that is also beautiful and eye-catching.

Features of Behavioral Health Furniture

There are features things that every facility must take into consideration when purchasing healthcare furniture. The most important features that should be considered are safety, durability, and cleanability. When it comes to the furniture durability you want high-pressure laminate and you want the surface of the furniture to be polyurethane. The furniture should have cushions that are three-way sweep around. The furniture should have no crevices and durable vinyl. The furniture should have no concealment areas or sharp areas. The furniture should also have the option to have floor mounts installed if it is a facility where there is a high risk for behaviors to be displayed by clients.

Why The Interior Design Of a Facility Is Important For Patient Safety

The interior of a healthcare facility is very important for patient safety. It is even more important in behavioral health and mental health facility settings. The reason why is because it can keep the patients calm and stress-free. It can make the patients stay more appealing and they can be more accepting of the treatment that they are getting. If the right type of furniture is placed inside a facility it more inviting for the patient who already does not want to be there. An institution typesetting that can remind the client of jail or gives them the impression that they are in a traditional mental healthcare facility. This can result in the client being angry and resistant to treatment. This new trend that healthcare facilities are implementing will improve the patient experience. It will help to decrease any patient to patient altercations and it will help the staff to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Today’s healthcare is truly a holistic approach that even now includes the internal environment of the facility and furniture as well.