How to Chose a Natural Toothpaste

How to Chose a Natural Toothpaste

The first step in choosing a natural toothpaste is learning more about you. Sounds cheesy, but it’s very important. Start by asking yourself what your specific oral health needs are. You probably have your own concerns and with the help of your dentist you could likely learn about the less obvious issues specific to your mouth. For example, do you frequently fight staining, have sensitive teeth, seem to be more prone to cavities than your friends, hate your yellow teeth, or have tender gums? As mentioned, all of these concerns and more can be addressed with the help of the proper toothpaste.

The other item you’ve got to figure out is how “natural” you want to be? Does this mean you just need naturally produced ingredients in your toothpaste, does the company that makes the toothpaste need to be environmentally friendly in every way, or is it just important that you have the simplest toothpaste possible? There are multiple natural toothpastes on the market and each is a little different. If you can’t find one that meets your ideals you might want to consider making your own toothpaste at home. Whatever you decide, consult your dentist and find an oral health care routine that keeps your mouth healthy.

After you find a toothpaste that interests you, just try out a sample. If you’ve never used a natural toothpaste you might be shocked by the texture, color, or flavor. It might be just what you’re looking for, but unless you’re familiar with other natural products you’ll likely be a little disappointed with the experience. Just be sure to give it some time, try out several different products before giving up, and keep in mind that it has the key ingredients you’ve chosen for your mouth.

There are many natural toothpaste companies that provide excellent products. The most recognized brand is probably Tom’s of Maine. Although recently purchased by Colgate-Palmolive, Tom’s of Maine is still run by the same people that have been setting a green industry standard since 1970. Their natural toothpastes are environmentally friendly in every possible way. Most of their ingredients are found in your average commercial toothpaste, but they are sourced directly from nature and undergo minimal processing. Any ingredient they feel does not live up to the “natural” label is left out and replaced with something similar. They do their best to provide you with an equal or better product than what is normally available, but in the most natural way possible. One of Tom’s of Maine’s best attributes is that they are totally transparent. They make it easy to find out every little detail about their ingredients and how they are made. Tom’s of Maine is an example of how many companies that focus on natural products are run.

Do your research, figure out which natural toothpaste is best for you, and try it out! Good luck!