Is Your Toothpaste the Cause of Your Bad Breath? – Bad Breath Toothpaste Information

Is Your Toothpaste the Cause of Your Bad Breath? – Bad Breath Toothpaste Information

Bad breath is a problem that many are fighting everyday. One way that almost everyone uses to try and fight it is toothpaste and tooth brushing. It may surprise you however to hear that your toothpaste may be the very cause of your problem. Bad breath toothpaste problems happen when the wrong combinations of chemicals compose the toothpaste.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria, and only masking it with minty smelling toothpaste won’t solve the actual problem. The cheeks, gum lines, and the tongue must always be cleaned and be kept as bacteria free as possible to avoid foul breath. This is a problem that toothpaste is supposed to help solve. However there are two types of compounds, commonly found in toothpastes, that can actually stimulate or encourage bacterial growth: fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate. Many toothpastes contain fluoride. This in itself is not surprising to hear. What you may be surprised about, though, is that fluoride use can be a cause of your,foul breath.

**Important Side Note – The safety of extensive flouride use has recently been brought into question. While flouride can cause bad breath – it may also cause more serious problems. It is beyond the scope of this article to cover these problems – but please look into the issue for yourself.**

A big question you might be asking yourself is – “Why does toothpaste contain fluoride when it it can cause bad breath?”

The answer is simple. Fluoride is the cheapest chemical effective in killing bacteria. And as we have already mentioned – bacteria is the cause of foul breath. So killing it should solve the problem right? Well, normally that is true. The problem comes with the fact that toothpaste made with flouride also has the effect of drying out the mouth. This is a problem because a dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria.

The other compound frequently used in bad breath toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate. It shares the same problem as flouride – using it dries out the mouth and can damage certain delicate tissues. If you want to avoid foul breath, avoid using toothpaste containing these chemicals. One of the best alternatives is using toothpaste containing natural ingredients. These toothpastes are not only safe, but effective too. With the use of natural ingredients – you can be sure that you are not harming your body, while also actually helping to eliminate foul breath.

The next time you purchase your toothpaste, take care to check the labels to see if it contains these harmful chemicals, and avoid those kinds of bad breath toothpaste.