The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Teeth at Home

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Teeth at Home

Brushing your teeth with soap is becoming a popular alternative to traditional toothpaste. Even before the dangers of fluoride had become well known people were brushing their teeth with soap just because of how well it cleaned them. Even the best brands of toothpaste leave enough plaque and tartar behind that your dentist will spend hours scrapping it off at every check up.

Years ago I made the switch to soap and I have been enjoying the benefits of soap ever since. Another one of the benefits of soap that I have discovered since is that it does not contain any of the residues that stick to your teeth such as glycerin found in most toothpaste. This residue prevents your teeth from re-mineralizing and regaining the lost calcium and minerals, sealing your teeth off from essential nutrients like a piece of lamented paper. For years toothpaste companies boasted about how this protective layer added to your teeth would last for hours while in reality it did more harm than good for your dental health.

There have been a lot of arguments on both sides of the issue, both pulling out scientific studies to prove their side right. In the end I would recommend brushing your teeth with soap if for no other reason than it is cheap and it makes my teeth feel clean and smooth, squeaky-clean even. Soap removes oil, plaque and even kills the germs in your mouth. The soap will also rinse out of your mouth much faster than any toothpaste. After just three or four vigorous rinses your mouth will be clean and soap free. No longer will you have to avoid eating or drinking anything for hours no matter how much your rinse your mouth to avoid that awful toothpaste after taste.

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All you need to get started is a bar of a regular unscented bar soap, the fewer additives in the soap the better. I have tried several brands of soap and I would personally recommend Ivory soap but I have heard good things about Dove as well. What ever brand you choose, the bar of soap will last a very long time. For the best effect, I would suggest not using the same bar of soap for any other type of cleaning in order to avoid lingering flavors and germs. Rest assured that cleaning your teeth with soap does not mean you have to stand there like a kid with a cake of soap in your mouth; just wet the toothbrush and swipe it across the bar of soap a couple of times. That’s it! I urge you to try brushing your teeth with soap for yourself. The results should speak for themselves when in no time your mouth is squeaky-clean too.