How to enter another country with a DNA test

Would you like to move to a new country but can’t get the right visa? You can get a DNA test and use genetic testing to prove where your relatives are from. This can help you apply for a new passport, get a visa for another country, receive a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad), and more. If one of your parents is originally from the United States for example, you can use a DNA test to show you should be accepted into the country without other documentation.

DNA testing when you don’t have any other documentation

DNA testing can be used to apply for an immigrant visa if you don’t have any other documents to prove where you or your parents are from. It’s the only form of proof that is accepted by immigration services aside from a passport, birth certificate, or other similar document. However, it is usually only accepted if you don’t have these documents. Imagine if you lost them all and the only way to get your identity back was with a DNA test? Amazing.

How to do a DNA test

You’ll need to go to a certified clinic or apply for a home kit. A DNA test kit can be made up of blood samples or cotton swabs used on the inside of a cheek. Tests done in a clinic are less likely to become contaminated or swapped with other samples. This makes them more effective and better to use in court to prove who you are. The whole process is done for you by a specialist, like a nurse. If you choose to do a home DNA test, you’ll need to use a cotton swab yourself, make sure it is placed carefully inside the container, and then bring it to a lab to be analyzed. Some services will let you post the samples.

Which DNA tests are better for immigration purposes?

If you want to do immigration DNA testing, it’s better to go to a certified clinic. You can be sure that the samples will be taken and stored correctly, so there won’t be any mix-ups. Certified clinics can also give the samples as evidence when needed for legal disputes. For example, if a mother wants to prove who the father of her baby is to receive child support, she would need to use a clinic that is recognized by the courts. Seeing as dealing with immigration services can be a tricky business, having watertight proof from a good clinic can help with the visa application process.