Miron Glass and the ultimate protection the glass can offer

The ancient Egyptians, speaking of the year 3300 BC, knew it for sure very quickly. Miron Glass is a very special kind of glass. It was thousands of years ago, and it still is. Funnily enough, violet glass has been around for some time. However, for about thirty years it has been back and everyone can once again use this glass with a very special effect.

The ancient Egyptians soon discovered that Miron Glass was a special kind of glass

The ancient Egyptians marveled at the special way in which Miron Glass broke down sunlight. That this special way also had consequences, they subsequently also soon discovered. Fragrances, colors and also the desired effect of a product always remained good when it was packed in Miron Glass was the next thing the Egyptians discovered. At that time, therefore, special products were mainly kept and preserved in Miron Glass, while pharmacists also made use of the effect of Miron Glass.

Only the beneficial UVA rays and infrared light are transmitted through the glass

That Miron Glass has a unique effect is now well known. The violet glass offers unique protection, something that has been tested and researched many times in recent years. The main outcome of all these studies is that Miron Glass only lets through the favorable UVA rays and infrared light. This also means that the glass is able to block all other light.

The famous experiments with cherry tomatoes and chives

The fact that this other light is blocked has consequences for products that are stored in Miron Glass. Other studies quickly showed that the ingredients of products packaged in Miron Glass did not degrade. In other words; the ingredients simply retained their taste, color, smell, structure and enzymes. That this is the case became clear after the famous experiments that scientists conducted. Using cherry tomatoes and chives, the miraculous effect of gas could be demonstrated. So that effect was already there 3300 years before Christ and that effect is still there today.

Mainly processed in Switzerland

This is also why it is a fine thing that Miron Glass has been back in full force for several decades. The glass is simply too special to ignore and certainly does not deserve a role in anonymity. Miron Glass, by the way, is nowadays mainly processed in Switzerland. Are you curious about the production of this specific glass? Feel free to contact us and we will provide you all the information that you need.