Natural Toothpaste Does Work?

Natural Toothpaste Does Work?

Think natural toothpaste is just for old hippies? Think again. More and more people are making the switch to natural toothpaste for two reasons.

The first reason people choose natural toothpaste is that it works. Natural toothpaste contains a heavy concentration of mint oils, which are the very best ingredients for killing bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria are the cause of plaque buildup on your teeth, which is the cause of bad breath and gingivitis. Mint oils kill bacteria better than anything else, and keep your mouth sparkling clean.

The second reason people switch to natural toothpaste is to avoid the harmful ingredients in commercial toothpastes. Commercial toothpastes contain fluoride, which in high doses can be toxic. Since adults don’t need fluoride and children normally get enough fluoride from drinking fluoridated water, you don’t really need it in your toothpaste. Avoiding it in toothpaste can help you ensure that you don’t reach any toxic levels in your body. Too much fluoride can actually cause your teeth to look gray and mottled.

Commercial toothpastes also contain detergent, which is completely unnecessary and which can be a skin irritant to many people. It can also cause cold sores in those who are already prone to them.

Finally, commercial toothpastes also often contain saccharin for sweetening. Saccharin has been shown to be a cancer causing agent in laboratory mice, and is rarely ever used today for sweetening food because of this.

So, not only does natural toothpaste work and work well, it’s also far safer for your family than the commercial toothpaste you’ve probably been using. You’ll have a fresher, cleaner mouth by making the switch and you’ll be avoiding all those harmful ingredients in your old toothpaste. Who could argue with a product like that?