Toothpaste Treatment For Pearly Penile Papules – Does It Work?

Toothpaste Treatment For Pearly Penile Papules – Does It Work?

There are many different treatments for pearly penile papules and some home remedy treatments work for some men and some don’t work. One of the ones I want to discuss is the toothpaste treatment for pearly penile papules. Have you already tried the many different oils such as eucalyptus oil, baby oil, tea tree oil and even castor oil? The difference with the toothpaste treatment is that it is based on a drying effect that makes the difference.

As far as known toothpaste treatment supposedly has no health risks. The brand of toothpaste doesn’t really seem to matter although I would not suggest trying something that has mint or a whitening agent in it. The mint or whitening agent could cause some itching or maybe a rash. Try to find toothpaste without those ingredients. Look for the toothpaste that has the least amount of additional additives in it. Sometimes generic toothpaste brands do not have these additives because they more or less are left out and cost less. The first thing to do is to decide on which toothpaste you are going to use to apply on the penis.

As always with any type of handling in the private body area be sure to wash the penis first. Wash with your own bath soap that you already use. This is really important because your body is already accustomed to the soap that you are using. This way you would be able to tell if you might form an allergic reaction to the toothpaste. After applying the toothpaste on the shaft then it is best to leave it on overnight. Trying toothpaste overnight has been shown to be the best time to use it because generally you have about 6 to 8 hours of rest and the penis is left untouched for that time. That is one reason why leaving the toothpaste on the penis overnight has seemed to work more effectively in some men. Just in case you are concerned about having an allergic reaction to the toothpaste you could apply it for the first time on just a small area of the penis.

You will have to apply the toothpaste for a few nights to see if it is working. It may take toothpaste treatment longer to work and have some relief. This also seems to depend on the amount and growth of the penile papules. If you find that there is some irritation, but nothing serious, then try applying the toothpaste every other night. But do not use toothpaste if it causes irritation, itching, or any other physical type symptom.

You have to remember when using home treatments you that you have to give it time to see if it actually works or not. I always make it a point to say that with any physical ailment the first thing to do is to check with a doctor to first see if you have pearly penile papules and also to see what advice he gives you. I cannot say that any treatment may work for you because everyone’s body is different and what may work on one man just may not work on another.

When it comes to our physical body especially in our private areas we all get embarrassed. This might embarrass you to go to the doctor and that is understandable. That is a decision you will have to make. These penile papules have no physical harm to the body. They generally have a more psychological effect. This also does have some effect on the woman in your life. It is best to explain to her just what they are.