Percy Harvin’s Migraines Are Familiar to the Millions Seeking Relief

Percy Harvin’s Migraines Are Familiar to the Millions Seeking Relief

Offensive standout, Percy Harvin, of the Minnesota Vikings has missed several practices due to severe migraines. He was absent from last Sunday’s victory over the Bengals and will likely miss this week’s game against the Carolina Panthers due to his debilitating headaches. Harvin’s plight has made migraines fodder for water cooler conversations and Tweets across the country. Not only has it raised awareness about migraines but also exposed the average Joe’s misconceptions about them.

Vikings head coach, Brad Childress spoke for millions when he stated that medically diagnosed migraine “is a thing that none of us have a great feel for. They are so wide-ranging and people report different things. It’s different for different people.” If you were to take a poll, you’d find that most people mistakenly believe that migraines are just bad headaches. A slew of research has been conducted by physicians and dentists around the globe about the pathophysiology of migraines. Even among researchers, the causes and treatment recommendations vary drastically.

Harvin has suffered from migraines since the age of 10. Over the years, he has seen a number of doctors for several batteries of tests. Because of his sensitivity to light and sound, both common symptoms of migraines, he hasn’t even been able to be on the sidelines. Pharmaceuticals are typically prescribed for migraine treatment. Unfortunately, they’re often accompanied by adverse pharmacological side effects including birth defects, nausea, and vomiting.

There are other non-pharmacological prevention options available. One that has proven effective for the prevention of migraines would only require Harvin to take a trip to the dentist. The NTI-tss Plus is an FDA approved migraine prevention therapy. It is a small biteguard that only covers the four front teeth. Nighttime clenching and grinding of teeth can trigger migraines. The NTI-tss Plus significantly reduces the intensity of those forces. In a clinical trial reviewed by the FDA, 82% of NTI-tss users experienced a 77% reduction in migraine events.

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