Putting Off Teeth Whitening

Putting Off Teeth Whitening

Smiling is free and makes us feel good when we do it often and there is scientific evidence supporting this. So why would anyone want to maintain a smile that shows yellow discoloured teeth? Here we try and find out.

I might seem a little biased because every day I see people who have benefitted from getting their teeth whitened and having increased self confidence as a result.

So let’s look at the reasons:

No money

Well this can be a difficult argument but home whitening kits or teeth whitening toothpaste or even mouthwashes can all aid in keeping the teeth whiter. Even though these options are low cost they do take longer to work so don’t expect miracles in a week or two. Just using a decent abrasive toothpaste will keep the teeth whiter and prevent the build up of external staining on the enamel.

Phobia of the Dentist

Not everyone loves going to see their dentist. I know this might seem strange but a bad experience in the past means not everyone enjoys making regular visits unless absolutely necessary and therefore going to see the dentist for teeth whitening prevents them from whitening the teeth. This should not be the case as home kits plus laser whitening is deemed cosmetic treatments and therefore not carried out exclusively by Dentists. Both will whiten the teeth in a slightly more relaxed environment than a dentists chair!

Never noticed

Yes some people would never look at themselves in that much detail to recognise their teeth are really stained so unless someone has pointed out to them or something has triggered them to notice how discoloured the teeth really are looking.

Confused by information

Some people do too much research and get confused and end up doing nothing. My advice is to speak to your dentist first and get their take on things. If money is a consideration then as previously discussed in this article try a home kit which is some mouth guards and some whitening gel which will give you an idea if your teeth will brighten. Once you have the cash and the confidence then you can opt for the stronger and more expensive options like laser whitening or zoom whitening or even the bleaching trays offered by many dentists as these are stronger than the home kit types of trays.

Picking the right products or service

It is difficult to rely on testimonials on websites these days as many are false so buyers aware but look and talk to the companies. If no telephone number is available to call them then be a little suspicious as reputable companies have a support hotline to call.


Don’t walk around with a dull and dismal set of discoloured teeth when actually there is plenty of options available to you and once the teeth are whiter you will very impressed on how much a difference it makes!