Quality traits of lab courier services

What is a courier company?

A courier company is a company that offers the services of sending and delivery of parcels or consignments from one place to another. Courier services offer faster delivery of packages compared to the mail services. Good lab courier services should be efficient, secure and offer good tracking systems.

Functions of a lab courier

Lab Courier Company deals with pickup and delivery of specimens, images, test results, slides and medical records to patients and lab staff. Lab couriers should be time-efficient because they handle sensitive packages which can spoil if delayed. The following are some of the lab couriers’ functions;

Pick up

It is the responsibility of the lab couriers to offer to pick up services to people who need their specimens or other samples delivered to the lab for testing. The lab couriers use the provided equipment to keep the specimen intact and in the desired temperature.


After collecting the specimens, it is the work of the lab courier to safely deliver the specimens to the final destination. As a lab courier, you also deliver the results of the specimens to the customers.

Proper Equipment

It is the function of the lab couriers to ensure the right handling and delivery of the medical specimens, medicines or respective documents. The courier company should provide the needed equipment for handling and storing the lab samples or specimens.

Qualities Traits

Lab couriers should be efficient and secure. The staff too should be experienced, friendly and helpful. The following are some of the qualities traits of lab courier services.


Efficiency is essential to all courier services. This courier service should ensure timely pick up of the samples to be delivered to the laboratory for testing in time in time. Couriers need to be familiar with local roads it does the delivery to facilitate quicker delivery. Most the couriers use GPS enabled gadgets to provide a guide on the map routes to avoid wrong routes to the destined delivery area.


Lab courier services should offer flexibility in its operation. Reliable couriers should provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is to ensure that the customers do not have a missed delivery.

Experienced drivers

Lab courier delivers specimens like blood to the laboratory. The specimens lab courier handles are sensitive and require special care compared to handling other couriers. They should ensure that samples stay intact because spilling may cause harm to all those doing the delivery. The sample may be contagious and spillage can pose a health risk to the people involved in the delivery. Spillage will mean that the patient will have to repeat the procedure which might be very costly. Also, the courier services should keep the specimens in controlled temperatures or recommend in temperature. Hence the lab courier should be specially trained on how to handle and store the specimens.

Tracking System

A Lab courier should have time tracking systems this allows the customer to easily track the collection and delivery of samples online. Laboratory professionals place a barcode scans for lab delivery to assist to keep up with logistics. Courier is the one responsible for keeping delivery records of each of their deliveries. The courier record the client’s contact name, their address and phone number for record-keeping. Again upon the delivery of the samples, the recipient of the package signs and you note the delivery time in case of any issues.

In summary, Lab courier services are the best choice you can make to transport specimens, x-rays, test results, etc. They provide timely deliveries required to be submitted in the laboratory of hospital. They also pick up your sample reports and drops to you if you are very fixed. They are reliable, efficient and cost-effective.