Six Silly Home Remedies

Six Silly Home Remedies

While the desire to use natural and home remedies is growing, there are still a lot of skeptics, especially if the remedy sounds to silly and/or simplistic. However, many do work. Here are seven seemingly silly remedies, along with whether or not they work.

Cayenne: If you’ve ever munched on a hot pepper, you know that it can cause some serious pain. In fact, many cooks have to wear gloves just to clean and chop them, as this burning sensation can be translated to the skin. Why would you want to rub it on sore muscles, arthritis or other types of painful areas of the body?

The burning sensation actually is the reason. Even doctors are beginning to recognize that the capsaicin content of the spicy fruit can be beneficial, so long as it is not used on an open wound. We refer to it as a counter-irritant. It confuses the brain, which turns off the pain sensation because it is getting mixed signals. Be careful to test it on a small area before slathering a lot on, as it can cause burns.

Clove Oil: Like cayenne, clove oil is very spicy and can cause burns on sensitive skin. However, it also contains a substance called eugenol, which is a topical anesthetic. You can place a bit of clove oil on a q-tip and apply it to a sensitive tooth, which should relieve the pain. Try to avoid getting any on your gums if at all possible.

Duct Tape: You may have heard the saying that the universe is held together by duct tape, chewing gum and baling wire. Duct tape is one substance it would be hard to live without. Many parents are now using it in a unique manner, to get rid of warts. It takes about two months to complete the process, but it can be less expensive than home wart removing kits. Duct tape is placed over the wart, and left for six days. If it falls off, simply replace it. At the end of this time, take the tape off and file the top of the wart with an emery board. Repeat until the wart is gone.

Gin Soaked Raisins: Reviews on this are mixed. Some say it helps stop arthritis pain, but there are no studies to prove or disprove the theory. I suspect most of the pain relief is from alcohol over the raisins.

Onions: Believe it or not, a fresh, raw onion may help you get over a bruise faster. There are two methods, one is fast and very simple. Tie a slice of fresh onion over the injury and leave for at least six hours. The second is a bit more complicated, but seems to work better. Dice the onion, mix it with salt and tie it over the bruise for the same amount of time. When you remove it, the bruise should be better.

Potatoes: If you’ve got a burn and are fresh out of aloe vera, a raw potato can fill the bill. Scrape some of the peeled veggie and place it over the burn. This will help cool it as well as ease the discomfort.

Toothpaste: This is another remedy with mixed reviews. Most dermatologists frown on the practice, but many people believe that dabbing toothpaste on a pimple and leaving it overnight will help you get rid of it faster. It may help, but there are other things that work better and are less likely to harm your skin. Also, bear in mind that this has to be the actual paste. Gels won’t work.