Suggestions To Prevent Dental Cavities Among Children

Many parents often get shocked to learn their kid has a cavity. Cavities are a common dental problem among children and can develop even after brushing and flossing daily. A Park Slope dentist may note that several factors, including bacteria, can cause dental cavities. Bacteria often produce acid that can penetrate and erode the tooth enamel. It’s recommended to incorporate other habits into your daily oral care routine to prevent dental cavities.

Rinse With Water

Let your kids rinse their mouths with water after a meal. It can be an effective practice for underage kids who cannot use mouthwash or those who cannot access a toothbrush. Rinsing with water only takes a few seconds, but it can flush out the cavity-causing bacteria. Water also has minerals that may assist with repairing tooth enamel.

Visit Your Dentist

Regular dental checkups can help identify early signs of cavities. Checkups can also help enhance your kid’s oral health. Kids often learn how to protect and clean their teeth during dental visits.

Eat Tooth-Friendly Foods

Teeth-friendly foods with high quantities of vitamins, calcium and protein can help maintain the integrity of your kid’s teeth. Saliva-producing foods can also trigger the production of more saliva that rinses away bacteria and food particles. Some of the teeth-friendly foods you can try out include almonds, yogurt, apples, cheese and carrots.

Reduce Starch Intake

Foods such as soda, bread, juice, candy and cookies can increase the risk of cavity formation. You may not be able to eliminate these items from your child’s diet completely. However, reducing starch and sugar intake can enhance your kid’s overall oral health.

Tooth decay often causes nights of pain, behavioral issues, and poor school performance. However, these suggestions can help your kids avoid tooth loss and hospital admissions due to cavities. It’s wise to call a dentist if your child is due for a dental checkup.