Teeth Whitening Options to Consider

Teeth Whitening Options to Consider

Teeth whitening is much sought after by anyone who wishes to have a brighter smile. The more stained your teeth are, the more conscious you are of people being put off by it. Imagine if you have a nice face but stained teeth ruined it all when you start smiling. Having bright teeth is essential if you are in a profession which “sells your face” to the public, like being an actor or a model. However, you can have the kind of bright teeth that movie stars have.

If you are thinking of whitening your teeth, the options are to have treatment at a dental clinic, buying a teeth whitening kit that you can use at home or simply use a teeth whitening toothpaste for brushing your teeth. All of these options vary in cost and effectiveness. The clinic treatment is the most costly but most effective.

Laser teeth whitening are done at clinics using a peroxide compound to bleach the teeth with the application of laser (light energy) to accelerate the whitening process. This process can be done within one hour and the result is immediate. Sometimes a second visit to the dental clinic is required, depending on how stained your teeth are.

The at-home kits that you can use at home use a tray that is fitted into the teeth. This tray is filled with a bleaching compound of a lesser concentration than those used in laser teeth whitening. One problem is that these trays may not fit your teeth well. The results using the at-home kits are not as quick compared to laser bleaching done at clinics.

Whitening toothpaste is the cheapest option but the slowest. It may take weeks or months to see some results. It is more suitable for those whose teeth are not badly stained.