The Most Cost-Effective Methods of Brightening Your Smile

The Most Cost-Effective Methods of Brightening Your Smile

The first thing that many people notice when they see you is the condition of your smile. If you have a bright white smile, generally you are perceived as being put together, successful, and attractive. Fair or not assumptions are made about you from the appearance of your smile. If you are unhappy with the color of your smile you do not have to suffer in silence. There are things that you can do to give yourself a brighter and whiter smile. There are many types of teeth whiteners on the market to help you get your mouth in the best shape possible.

When looking at all of the options and teeth whitening cost whitening toothpastes are by far the most economical way to keep your smile bright. A whitening toothpaste will help to ward off those daily stains from food and drink that your enamel can fall victim to. The truth is that whitening toothpaste will not make miracles happen, but it can help to keep your smile in good shape from day to day.

Of all of the teeth whiteners on the market whitening strips have become incredibly popular. In terms of teeth whitening cost these strips are generally very affordable. They can range anywhere from $15 to $30, and can be purchased at your local drug store. You will need to wear the strips a couple of times a day for about a week or two straight to achieve the best results, but after that time your smile will be brighter.

Your dentist can also help you with teeth whiteners. Perhaps the most long term of the whitening procedures is when your dentist custom molds you mouth guards to whiten with. This can be a bit more expensive in terms of teeth whitening cost, but often times your dentist may offer it for a reduced price or even complimentary. Once your dentist gives you your custom mouth guards you will also be given a few containers with bleach in them. This bleach is to be put into the mouth guard so that you can place it into your mouth. Generally you will need to sleep with these for about a week, but at the end of the week your smile will surely sparkle.

The most expensive teeth whitening cost is associated with laser whitening. Part of the reason that this is more expensive is because you will see instant results. You may walk into the dentists office with tarnished enamel, but when you walk out that enamel will be a sparkling bright white. For this procedure your dentist will use a basically a light beam gun to zap sections of your smile so that they are lightened by the laser.

Unfortunately none of these teeth whiteners are permanent. They may all require a bit of upkeep. However, there is one method that is the more permanent of all, and that is to have veneers placed onto your teeth. Veneers are essentially like little covers that are placed over each tooth. They will hide your natural smile, and instead create a picture perfect new smile in its place. Though this is the highest in teeth whitening cost it is certainly worth the financial investment.