What is the Patch Test?

The patch test is a specialized test performed by a dermatologist to determine what substance an individual is allergic to. An individual could seek out any Patch Test Services orlando fl near the area that they live in. Patch testing has been determining to actually determine these forms of allergic reactions far better than a standard blood test. So, when a person has a hard time determining what has brought on their allergic reaction and skin rash patch testing is an effective way to find out.

What Happens during Patch Testing

Patch testing involves various patches being placed on the skin. The patches are usually applied to the back of the patient and contain various types of substances. The object is to see which of the patches will cause an allergic reaction in that one isolated spot. The patches remain on the skin for two days. After which time a patient will need to wait three to four more days and perhaps even up to a week to see if any type of skin rash becomes evident. As for how long the actual application of the patches will take, that can usually be around a half-hour, but the application is only part of the entire process. The patient will also need to fill out the information about medical history and go into detail about their skin allergy as well. The first appointment could take well over an hour if not longer. If after the patches are removed and there is still no sign of an allergic reaction more patches could be applied and the process repeated till the actual source of the allergy is found.

Substances Determine in Patch Testing

There are several common allergens that the patch test targets these are defined through various types of substances. Many of us may automatically think of food allergies such one from shellfish, and peanuts. But there are other types of substances, such as chemicals that maybe we may not think about but are exposed to perhaps on a daily basis, some are preservatives in foods, our cosmetics, and even our jewelry. Some of these substances include such things as nickel sulfate, fragrance compounds, formaldehyde, just to name a few. As more chemicals are determined the more the patch test expands to help pinpoint the proper cause.

As for the cost of a patch test, needless to say, because of the fact that is usually done by a dermatologist, it can be costly. However, if a person has had a hard time trying to determine what is causing their rash such as hives along with their primary care physician this is certainly an avenue to explore. Patch testing has been proven to be a way in which to find out the cause of skin allergies and certainly is one line of defense that will tell a patient what actions need to be taken to prevent an allergic reaction in the future.