Creative Uses for Toothpaste and Dental Floss

Creative Uses for Toothpaste and Dental Floss

As a dentist, I want to make it clear that I believe toothpaste and floss should be used to clean your pearly whites. But, there are other reasons to keep them on hand, too.

Tooth paste has an amazing range of uses that might come in handy:

Health – Of course brushing your teeth comes to my mind first. But, did you know it is also a great way to get relief for bee stings or bug bites? Toothpaste is often used to heal zits, just dab a little on when you go to bed at night and it will be much better in the morning.

Defogger – yes, defogger. Who knew? Use toothpaste to defog your windows or mirrors. Scuba divers use it to replace expensive defoggers for their masks. You could use it for the kids swimming masks too.

Deodorizer – okay, this makes sense. After all, your teeth smell pretty good after you brush them. Try washing your hands with a little toothpaste after slicing onions and the smell will go away. I’ve heard of people using it in drains, too. I wonder what other smelly things we can use it for?

Buffer – toothpaste can smooth things by buffing and polishing, just like it does for your teeth. It is commonly used to remove scratches from CD’s or DVD’s or to get rid of scuffs on shoes.

Stain Remover – I’ve heard it’s pretty good for stains on carpets or clothing. Haven’t tried it myself and would encourage you to spot test it first.

Cleaning – this is where toothpaste really shines. It can remove crayon from walls, clean shower doors, bring the sparkle back to your jewelry or faucets, and even clean piano keys. My guess is there are many more possible cleaning uses.

And what about dental floss?

Sew With It or String Things Together – you have probably seen floss used for wind chimes or mobiles. You can also use it to hold holiday cards, string beads or garland, and hang things. Or, simply use it to tie your hair back.

Indoors – floss is often used to cut things like fancy cakes or cheese. It can gently lift food off a baking pan, too. One really cool use is to use it to clean crevices or skinny gaps you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. You can even quiet a dripping faucet with it. Simply tie one end around the faucet and let the other end go down the drain. The water will run along the floss instead of dripping and making noise.

Outdoors – support climbing plants or use it for fishing or as a clothes line.

Emergencies – dental floss would work great for tying off an umbilical cord or artery and has been used successfully in prison breaks.

Other Uses – tie loose parts together, bunch it up to fill a hole, or use it to make a rope, small net, or basket.