Silver Rings – Know ’em, Buy ’em, Maintain ’em, Cherish ’em

Silver Rings – Know ’em, Buy ’em, Maintain ’em, Cherish ’em

The first question that you need to ask yourself is “Do you need silver rings?” If the answer is Yes, skip the next paragraph. Else, read on and I’ll try to convince you otherwise.

Silver rings – Do we need ’em?

Fingers have been adorned with rings since centuries – with platinum, gold and silver. High quality rings made of the first two metals are beyond the reach of most people. Enter: Silver. It shines with a luster like platinum. It can be molded like gold. It is cheaper by a fair degree than both. And, if it is your first ring, and you are not sure whether you’ll love the feeling of metal on your digits, it’s foolhardy to invest in either gold or platinum. Try silver. You may actually like it so much that the big G and big P will hold no appeal for you.

All that glitters doesn’t have to be gold

Silver rings are some of the most bought jewelry – either for wearing by the buyer or for gifting. Do not be deceived by the cheaper price compared to other metals. The glitter and the luster in silver can be as attractive as gold, and sometimes even more. There are many for whom silver is the metal of choice, and price has got nothing to do with it. Silver rings of every shape and studded with gemstones of every hue are a collector’s delight. Rings that go with every attire are a must for many collectors – and there are those who match their clothes and accessories with the rings rather than the other way round.

Where to buy?

The best way, of course, is to walk into a huge shop along with an expert on silver jewelry, and buy what they suggest. If that option is feasible, don’t look beyond it. However, we don’t know too many people who have “silver rings experts” handy and available when needed; chances are you don’t either.

If you want to buy online, like with everything else, do a bit of research. Ask Google, and you’ll find out more than you thought there is to know. Read a bit on the subject, get some advice, know some buying tips, get a list of authentic websites to buy silver rings and other silver jewelry. You could try amazon, or overstock. They are both good places, and quite trustworthy. Then there are smaller fish, who might give better value for money. Repeat: Do some research before you whip out that credit card.

My ring is black, and my ring finger’s green

Yeah, silver can do that. Being a highly reactive metal, it turns black very quickly if not maintained properly. Follow some simple tips to maintain your silver rings, and they’ll last a lifetime.

Wear your jewelry last (after clothes, makeup, etc.) and remove first.

When not in use, store the silver rings wrapped in a 100% cotton cloth or zip-lock covers

Do not store them with gemstones unprotected. Stones are harder, and will scratch the surface

Take off when gardening, swimming, cleaning car, or whenever there is a chance of prolonged contact with moisture/chemicals

In spite of it, if the rings turn black, don’t use any chemicals to clean. Dab a little white toothpaste on a soft cotton cloth, and wipe them clean.

Cherish for a lifetime

Follow these simple steps when buying a ring and make a little effort in maintaining your silver rings, and they’ll stay with you for you life. Start building a collection that you’ll be proud to flaunt to the world.