Toothpaste and How to Confound Your Dental Hygienist

Toothpaste and How to Confound Your Dental Hygienist

It all seems to simple how to answer this question and it is one of those tasks that most of us do in a rush without thinking. With a little more research and thought we really can cut out those expensive and time consuming visits to the dentist.

Most cheap commercial toothpaste contain a variety of different toxic cheap ingredients. The Manufacturers have to put warnings on the packets about the consequences about the perils of swallowing their brand of toothpaste. Before you buy your next toothpaste please read the warnings on the packets and ask yourself why would you risk buying such a toxic product. Find out why your toothpaste foams and then you have to spit it out. Natural toothpastes do not contain, for example, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Propolyene Glycol or Triclosan.

There are safe, natural alternatives on the market and some claim you can actually eat them, you wish, without adverse consequences. The peppermint taste or flavour toothpastes can be created artificially with cheap commercially produced synthetic fragrances or you can use natural high altitude Peppermint Oil to create that zingy fresh feeling. Now that is the type of product that you should be putting in your mouth on a daily basis. Spend a little more on the toothpaste and save a lot at the dental hygienist.

For the cleaning of stained teeth, then use a natural toothpaste that contains natural sea salt as a gentle abrasive. There is a world of difference between natural sea salt with dozens of trace elements and basic table salt. If your taking Homeopathic remedies then do avoid peppermint as this does negate this form of treatment. Search for a Mandarin or Fennel toothpaste instead.

Your toothbrush is also a great friend if you choose the right one. Electric toothbrushes do blast plaque from your teeth but they can fray that important line between the tooth and the gum. Be gentle with this area. Look for the blotting toothbrush and learn the blotting technique. Receding gums do not have to be a part of getting old. Using the blotting toothbrush technique designed by Dr Phillips in the 1970s you can use that toothbrush in such a way to dramatically improve gum health and stop gums receding.

Clean teeth in unhealthy gums is going to be a problem, so use this combination of safe toothpaste, the blotting brush and the blotting toothbrush technique and you will surprise your dental hygienist.