Why Artificial Sweeteners Are Not Good For You
5 good reasons to avoid them if you want to improve your health
1 They are very far from what nature intended you to eat and drink
Artificial sweeteners are never added to healthy, nutrient dense foods. Artificial sweeteners are added to foods that manufacturers produce, with extended shelf-life in mind. They have been denuded of any nutrients, because good food goes off, and they will not only contain artificial sweeteners, they will also contain other additives, such as flavourings, colorants and preservatives.
If the aim of producing them is to ensure they will not cause any loss of money for the manufacturer, should they be left on a shelf for an extended period of time, as well as being able to be stored at any temperature, then they will not have any nutrient value. They will be as far from nature as its possible for a food to be, and will therefore not be providing any nutrients to you.
2 You are replacing the good things you should be eating and drinking with artificial ‘foods’
This simply means that over time, you will be consuming less of the foods that nature has provided to keep you healthy, and more of the foods that lead to nutrient deficiencies. There is less and less ‘space’ in your diet for good, nutrient dense foods when you consume foods that have been artificially sweetened and processed.
3 You are not re-training your sweet tooth to expect a different level of sweetness.
You are simply swapping one form of sweetness for another. You aren’t teaching yourself to value and consume foods that are nutrient dense, and contain natural, good sweeteners. You are fooling yourself, and ensuring that you will eventually suffer from a number of nutrient deficiencies, leading to ill health and disease. Furthermore, when children use these products, they are also fooled into sustaining their sweet tooth!
4 You actually end up eating more than you would normally
Research has indicated that when people eat foods and liquids with artificial sweeteners in them, they eat more, because they feel they are ‘being good’ by not eating ‘real’ sugar. This of course leads to a situation where people don’t lose weight, and continue eating nutrient deficient processed products.
5 Artificial sweeteners may be very damaging to your brain
There may very well be serious side effects to using artificial sweeteners, which may leave you with more to concern yourself with, than simply a sweet tooth. In fact, there is research to indicate that they may be very damaging to your brain.
So what should you do?
When you swap good, natural food and water for processed, chemically laden products, you cannot sustain good health or weight loss. Unfortunately many people have been deceived into believing that these products will help them to lose weight, but they are in fact simply avoiding reality. How many slim people do you see using artificial foods and drinks? Very few, if any! They don’t work long term and may eventually lead to disease.…